June ’21 Newsletter

Written by JumpCloud on June 29, 2021

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s June Newsletter.

As the first half of 2021 comes to a close, JumpCloud reflects upon the changes happening across technology, processes, and people so we can continue to develop solutions that meet your needs for the future.

Read on to see how JumpCloud is preparing for the next wave of remote work, supporting tighter integrations with cross-departmental resources and delivering increased coverage to help you manage all your IT resources.

Remotely Deploy Third-Party Apps for macOS

Now that you’ve jumped over the hurdle of how to easily distribute your fleet of macOS devices to employees, the next major advancement in remote macOS management is here.

With this release, admins can now remotely deploy software to macOS devices enrolled in JumpCloud MDM outside of VPP apps. Whether developed in-house or by a third party, these apps can now be deployed on demand or assigned to device groups for automated deployment.

Integrating BambooHR with JumpCloud

Modern IT requires constant collaboration with HR and People teams to establish processes and share ownership of onboarding. And this partnership soars when critical technologies can integrate and automate much of the work.

With our latest release, JumpCloud now integrates directly with BambooHR to automate the importing and updating of users and their attributes to JumpCloud. This connector is available to all JumpCloud customers (access to JumpCloud SSO is recommended).

Ubuntu Version 20.04 on ARM64

The JumpCloud agent can now be deployed on devices with Ubuntu version 20.04 running on ARM64 architecture, enabling you to secure, manage, and view these systems in the admin portal.

By extension, this also includes support for AWS ARM64 processor-powered VMs and EC2 instances.

Creating a Roadmap for IT Mental Health

Though we’ve persevered through the darkest parts of the pandemic, the lasting effects are yet to be fully understood. Still, one thing is clear: we all need to change how we think about mental health.

Watch this essential discussion with mental health experts and a panel of tech startup veterans, covering their all-too-common struggles with work-life balance and sharing concrete tools and strategies for building a roadmap to mental health.

JumpCloud 2021 State of the SME IT Admin Report

With the “new normal” of remote and hybrid work, challenges for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) abound — ranging from making hybrid workspaces truly secure to simplifying device management and juggling budgetary priorities.

The following report, sourced from a survey of 400 SME IT professionals, highlights the security concerns and impacts on productivity and budget that result from the new state of IT today.

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Other Things You Should Know

  • Basic Configuration (Policy) Procedures: IT admins have the ability to create a configuration group, which can be applied to devices or device groups to save you time and provide more control over managed devices.
  • Understanding and Preparing for a SOC 2 Audit:This three-part series dives into the core definitions of the SOC 2 compliance requirements and delivers advice for planning, preparing, and completing your audit.

Find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our June release notes.


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