Newsletter 6/19: FileVault Policy, Early Access Releases, and More!

Written by Zach DeMeyer on June 19, 2019

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s June Newsletter. In this issue, we cover our new FileVault FDE Policy, new Early Access releases, enhancements to our password reset process, updates to the Admin Portal, our Premium Support offering, and a recent investment from General Atlantic.

Product Update: FileVault Full Disk Encryption Policy for Mac

We are excited to announce that JumpCloud admins can now enforce and manage FileVault full disk encryption (FDE) with our FileVault Policy on Macs®! Using this new Policy, admins can apply FileVault to entire fleets of Mac systems or control FDE based on group membership.

This policy joins our existing Bitlocker Policy to enable admins to encrypt both their Windows® and Mac hard drives from a single admin console. In addition to controlling FileVault enablement, you can also easily and securely store your recovery keys in JumpCloud.

Never let an at-rest Mac system go unencrypted again with the new FileVault FDE Policy. You can learn more about the FileVault Policy, and our other available Policies, at our Knowledge Base. Check out the link below for a video tutorial on using the FileVault Policy.

Watch the Video

RADIUS MFA is Almost Here

The RADIUS MFA feature, which was announced last month in Early Access, will soon be available for all JumpCloud customers! JumpCloud admins can require multi-factor authentication to further protect their VPN access using RADIUS-as-a-Service. When authenticating via RADIUS, end users will append their MFA token to the end of their passwords, as supported by the RADIUS protocol.

JumpCloud’s MFA protection for RADIUS uses time-based, one-time password (TOTP) tokens generated by Google Authenticator or other similar TOTP generating app. Admins can also configure the challenge level of MFA for RADIUS to tailor to their organization’s security needs.

If you would like to learn more about MFA for RADIUS with JumpCloud or join Early Access before the release, please email [email protected], or contact your Account Manager.

Early Access: Active Directory Password Writeback

Traditional binding of Macs to Active Directory (AD) for user management, authentication and password management typically leaves a lot to be desired for IT admins and end users. JumpCloud’s AD Bridge is being improved to now allow users to change their passwords directly from their Mac systems back to Active Directory, improving the efficiency and experience for users for self-service password management.

Available now as an Early Access feature, Active Directory Password Writeback will allow users to manage their password resets in a self-service manner directly from a user’s Mac host. Once installed, users will be able to update their passwords from the JumpCloud Mac system app or from the JumpCloud user portal, and have these passwords sync with AD. Passwords updated by admins in the JumpCloud Admin Console will also be written back to AD as well.  

If you want to learn more about AD Password Writeback or are interested in being a candidate for Early Access testing, please email [email protected] or contact your Account Manager.

Early Access: Deep Host Reporting with System Insights™

We are happy to announce our latest capability to assist administrators who need to learn more about the fleets of systems they manage: System Insights™. This add-on feature to JumpCloud’s System Management feature-set enables the ability to query rich information about JumpCloud-managed hosts to better control these assets.

JumpCloud admins using System Insights can now examine aspects of their systems at scale. Admins will be able to better manage their workstation and server assets (e.g. storage capacity; installed applications; OS, CPU, and hardware info), improve their stance from an auditing and compliance perspective (track FDE adoption and networking configurations), and ensure that their systems are secure (installed browser extensions across Chrome, FireFox, and Safari). System Insights Early Access will provide support for macOS (all supported OS by General Availability) and data access through RESTful APIs.  

If you are interested in being a part of Early Access for System Insights and would like to try the feature in your organization, please email [email protected] or contact your Account Manager directly to learn more.

Password Expiration and Lockout Updates

The JumpCloud Product team has been hard at work to create an array of new features and updates to help promote end-user visibility of password expiration, as well as methods to facilitate account self-recovery and avoid lockouts. We have detailed the extent of these new changes in a recent blog post. You can read more by clicking the button below.

Read the Blog

Admin Portal: Look and Feel Refresh

We have recently changed the appearance of the JumpCloud Admin Portal. This change is part of our on-going initiative to make our website, product, and support site more cohesive, clear, and easy to use.

We will also be introducing additional changes to the look and feel of our support site and our product as it makes sense—all with the aim of creating a better experience for our customers.

Customer Success Corner: Premium Support is Almost Here

We would like to take the time to thank everyone who participated in our Premium Support survey. Your responses and opinions helped shape our first iteration of this solution, due to release in Q3. This Premium Support offering will include:

  • 24/7/365 support hours
  • Live phone, email, and chat support
  • SLA response times based on severity

The offering will be priced at $3 per user per month with an annual contract, or $4 per user per month with a monthly contract. The Premium Support offering will be for all users under contract.

Pre-order Now for a 33% Discount!

Customers can pre-order JumpCloud Premium Support and be eligible for a 33% discount on the paid support services. Pre-order customers will also receive the beta version of JumpCloud Premium Support for free now and until the general release. This offer is only available for a limited time and may have minimum requirements.

Please contact your Account Manager or send a note to [email protected] immediately if you are interested in pre-ordering or hearing more about JumpCloud Premium Support.

General Atlantic Investment

General Atlantic (GA) recently led a significant investment in JumpCloud. With investments in global companies such as Uber, Slack, Airbnb, Crowdstrike, and others, GA is one of the top technology investors in the world. Through this sizable capital infusion, JumpCloud plans to heavily invest in our product, customer success, and user experience teams. To learn more about this investment and JumpCloud’s plans for expansion, please read our blog post by JumpCloud’s CEO, Rajat Bhargava.

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