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introducing the jumpstart programWe recently launched a new program at JumpCloud. It’s called JumpStart. The idea behind the JumpStart program is to give IT organizations that are considering Directory-as-a-Service® a chance to completely test the platform across their entire enterprise.

That means unlimited users and premium support.

When we started JumpCloud, we knew that we wanted the process of using our platform to be different. Traditionally, legacy, on-prem solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP were painful to test. You needed to have a server. Then you needed to get a hold of the software, install it, and configure it. All to check to see whether the solution was what you needed for your situation.

With our Directory-as-a-Service platform, we wanted to make the process of using it super easy.

Try 10 Free Users with JumpCloud

jc_sociallogo_in_squareAs a SaaS-based solution, no hardware or software was necessary. You simply needed to sign-up for an account and start using the platform. Because we felt so strongly that cloud directory services are at the core of organizations no matter the size, we wanted to give organizations 10 users free forever.

Starting on JumpCloud made organizations better and more secure, and over time we felt that they would have a better IT architecture from the beginning.

Unlimited Users & Support with our JumpStart Program

jumpstart-official-logoOur 10 users free forever program has worked with many organizations leveraging it on a daily basis. But, we also heard from some of our larger prospects and clients that they wanted to more deeply test the Identity-as-a-Service platform and 10 users wasn’t enough for them. We also wanted to offer full support from our team of technical experts during these implementations.

So, we came up with JumpStart.

JumpStart gives an organization an unlimited number of users and devices on the platform, for a limited period of time. In addition, we work closely with the IT team to help with their testing process and implementation.

For most organizations, the JumpStart program ends up looking a lot like their free implementation timeframe. You get full support from the JumpCloud success team and can work to deploy all aspects of the platform without obligation or cost. The program has already been a success with a number of IT organizations leveraging it for their deployments.

Get Started with JumpStart

jc-learn-moreIf you would like to learn more about JumpStart, drop us a note. The program is not only the best way to evaluate whether JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service is right for you, it’s also a great way to benefit from full support during your implementation!

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