JumpCloud Wins at Managed Service Summit Award 2021

Written by Cate Lochead on September 22, 2021

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Every year, the Managed Services Summit brings together a series of keynotes and talks led by experts from technology providers throughout the Managed Service Provider (MSP) community to discuss where the industry is headed and how their offerings will help MSPs survive and thrive in the new economic environment. Throughout the summit attendees swap contacts, network amongst one another, and share their perspective, advice, and wisdom about where the market is headed. As part of all this, the Summit hosts an annual awards ceremony to recognize those technology providers that are leading the market.

This year, JumpCloud won in the category of Best Cloud Platform-based Managed Service Solution, after being shortlisted as one of four vendors.

JumpCloud works with more than 1,200 managed service providers around the world to support their customers with faster and easier access to their IT resources, wherever their employees happen to work from. With the acceleration of small businesses launching in the UK and the United States over the past year compared to the previous one, the need to address complexity and security is greater than ever before. MSPs are faced with the challenges of how to best implement access and identity management (IAM) in a way that facilitates a simplified and secure end user experience.

For MSPs, working with these small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) every day to make them successful drives their very existence. To do so, the technology platforms they rely on must provide the breadth and depth of functionality to support their clients’ needs, while empowering them to deliver value-added services on top that help their clients thrive. JumpCloud delivers solutions that help businesses worldwide solve their identity, device management, and security problems, while allowing IT teams (and the MSPs that serve them) to consolidate tools and technology — reducing cost and overall complexity.

To understand more about how IT admins are leveraging the JumpCloud Directory Platform to solve their daily challenges, check out the JumpCloud page on G2, where over 800 admins have shared their experiences and rated the technology. You can also try out our platform free for up to 10 users and 10 devices by creating a JumpCloud Free account. Enjoy 10 days of premium 24×7 live chat support for any questions that arise.

Cate Lochead

Cate is the Chief Marketing Officer at JumpCloud. She has 20 years of experience building great marketing programs for awesome software companies like DataStax and Carbon Black.

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