If you’re not working with Google, your MSP may be missing out

A JumpCloud Partner Success Interview with Umzuzu

Written by Chris Tate on January 5, 2024

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JumpCloud’s MSP partners are at the forefront of providing essential IT services to small and medium-sized businesses globally. In our interview series, we delve into conversations with these partners, exploring the dynamics of their MSPs and how JumpCloud plays a pivotal role in their operations.

In today’s feature, we had the opportunity to speak with Tony Sheets from Umzuzu. Join us as we uncover insights into their MSP journey and the impact of JumpCloud’s solutions.

About Tony

Tony Sheets is the founder of Umzuzu, a Kansas City based Cloud Broker specializing in Google Cloud. Since 2008, Umzuzu has helped businesses, schools, and government agencies move to Google’s Cloud. Umzuzu specializes in zero-trust computing in a server-less environment; helping organizations to transition away from traditional on-premise IT systems or assisting in moves between cloud services. 

Here are my 5 key takeaways:

Elimination of On-Premise Servers

A key mission of Unzumu is the elimination of on-premise servers.  Removing the cost of supporting and managing legacy on-premise servers is partly what has made Umzuzu successful.

MSPs are missing out by not working more with Google. 

Over time, Umzuzu have got more Google’y – They found it’s hard to be exceptional in a pure Microsoft environment but Google Workspace gives them the best tools to stand out and deliver an amazing end product. 

JumpCloud is the glue that ties it all together

JumpCloud provides the glue between the services.  Umzuzu has clients who are Google based but use Microsoft Office and a mix of Windows and Mac PCs and JumpCloud can bring all of the parts together.  This is a combination of company owned devices and BYOD – JumpCloud helps tie it all together.

If you want to get more business – get a law firm as a client

Tony received some advice on how to grow his MSP business – get a law firm as a client.  Over time they will break up, sue each other and create new firms.  One can become 15. 

Relationships are the most important part

When working with any vendor in the MSP community, it’s important to build relationships.  From the very first demo of JumpCloud through to today, it’s important to know who you are working with and that they can help you resolve any issues.

Thanks to Tony for taking the time to chat. If you would like to contact him to discuss further he is available on LinkedIn and the Umzuzu website.

To find out more about JumpCloud and how it can help your MSP you can email us or read more here.


JumpCloud Partner Success Stories are conversations between Chris Tate (Principal Strategist – MSP) and our valuable partners around the world. If you want to join Chris on a future episode, contact your Partner Account Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

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