JumpCloud® One Protocol Option

Written by Zach DeMeyer on August 23, 2018

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JumpCloud® recently introduced the option to purchase one protocol of service. The idea behind the new option is to provide organizations with a cost-effective way to leverage one part of the platform—either cloud LDAP, RADIUS-as-a-Service, or web application single sign-on via SAML.

The JumpCloud Philosophy

JumpCloud’s philosophy has been to provide the entire Directory-as-a-Service® platform for one low per user price. We’ve never wanted to nickel and dime our customers and always felt that an all-inclusive model really accomplished that. In the world of identity management, we’ve largely stood alone in this philosophy, with other IAM companies choosing to have highly segmented products that, when combined, could be ten times the entry price of one part of the platform. That approach never resonated with us at JumpCloud, which is why we have had an all-inclusive model where new innovations (e.g. our Mac app, event logging, MFA functionality, GPO-like Policies just to name a few!) were automatically provided to our customers.

While many have liked this philosophy, we have also heard from a large number of customers and users that they would like an even more cost-effective way to leverage a portion of our platform—namely, our support for a particular protocol—LDAP, RADIUS, or SAML. Many of these folks have told us that they need an easy on-ramp to the overall JumpCloud cloud directory service, and integrating one specific service first could help. Other customers have said that they have Microsoft® Active Directory® on-prem and wanted to extend their identities into RADIUS or web apps with SSO, for example. And, still others have a specific use case—such as within DevOps where the identity management of AWS cloud server infrastructure is critical.

The JumpCloud One Protocol Option

Directory as a Service Security

As a result of this feedback, we’ve recently introduced a single protocol tier. Organizations can leverage either LDAP, RADIUS, or SAML for a nominal per user fee. We hope that this will encourage organizations to get started protecting their identities and controlling access even sooner. We still offer the first 10 users free and then charge on a per user basis beyond that without a minimum fee, and in this case for just the use of one protocol.

In sticking with our philosophy to be as simple as possible with our model and not have extra charges, we now only have the One Protocol tier and our full Pro product. So, if you want to move up to the next level, you know that you won’t be charged on a feature-by-feature basis, which we know can be extremely frustrating and become costly.

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If you would like to explore the JumpCloud One Protocol option, as well as the pricing behind both it and the full platform, check out our pricing page. If you are still unsure about the One Protocol option, drop us a line, and we can answer your questions or concerns. To try out the new One Protocol option, or the full JumpCloud platform, consider signing up for JumpCloud for free.

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