JumpCloud Named Finalist on CRN’s 2021 Tech Innovators Award List

Written by Brenna Lee on November 8, 2021

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With the sudden global shift to remote work in 2020 and the current shift to a hybrid workplace model or even back to consistent in-office work, it has been crucial for tech providers to keep up with the changing IT landscape. This means iterating on existing products (or creating entirely new ones!) to drive them in a positive direction that empowers organizations to solve problems as they arise, or, ideally, before they’re even recognized as problems. 

Even in the wake of constant change, JumpCloud partners and customers have been able to Make Work Happen® by securing user identities, regardless of location, using the JumpCloud Directory Platform. To ensure that customer needs continue to be met no matter the circumstances, JumpCloud places a distinct focus on constant iteration of the platform and the suite of features available. The intention is to always ensure end users can work and be managed from anywhere by streamlining processes further and solving new issues with each capability that we release.

As of August 2021, customers can now easily deploy and enforce MFA without adversely impacting end users with JumpCloud Protect™, our one-touch, integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) application. This release is part of the ongoing effort to securely connect users to their IT resources with the least amount of friction possible, allowing for a more productive, secure, and content workforce, while simplifying the day-to-day of IT in the process. 

This year, in their 2021 Tech Innovators Award List, CRN recognized JumpCloud as a finalist in the Identity and Access Management category, placing a heavy emphasis on the innovation and ingenuity behind JumpCloud Protect. 

“CRN’s Tech Innovator Awards honor the most groundbreaking products and services in the IT channel. These offerings are crafted by vendors who have shown an unwavering commitment to technical ingenuity that empowers solution providers and their customers through state-of-the-art advances.”

The needs of small and medium-sized enterprises everywhere come back to the same roots. Those needs include improving productivity and security without complexity, streamlining identity and access management (IAM), and supporting their users wherever they are. Each of these needs is a driving force behind JumpCloud’s platform evolution and our focus on solving the needs of partners, customers, and users.

More About JumpCloud Protect:

  • It can be installed on iOS and Android devices to streamline MFA
  • It includes simple “one-touch” push notifications to verify an identity when accessing IT resources 
  • It also includes alternate Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) token-generation capabilities for any JumpCloud authenticated resources or users’ personal online accounts requiring second factor verification 

MFA is a necessary addition to single sign-on (SSO), and JumpCloud Protect fits into the SSO process seamlessly to verify identities with minimal user interruption.


JumpCloud Protect™ - One-Touch, Frictionless Multi-Factor Authentication

What users think about JumpCloud Protect:

“[It’s] easy to use and works as intended. [I] had virtually no difficulties using the app — great development!”

“So easy to use! Just a click to login, no 6 digits!”

“Saves time, best 2FA. Really nicely designed app that works perfectly.”

Source: Apple App Store

What users think about using JumpCloud’s SSO and MFA capabilities:

“[JumpCloud] is excellent for small businesses that use a lot of SaaS software and may not standardize on one OS. It is effortless to enforce password security, 2FA (which also provides a great second layer of protection for SSH connections), makes software provisioning for things like Office 365, G Suite, and other SaaS apps a breeze.”

“JumpCloud helps you implement controls to ensure users work only on trusted devices and networks, require multi-factor authentication (MFA) where necessary, and more. JumpCloud provides simple, secure access to corporate technology resources from any device or any location.”

“Couldn’t ask for more in our hybrid environment. JumpCloud is an efficient [platform] that allows us to keep track of our users and devices, also allowing us to use SSO across our organization. The ability to push down policies to end-users devices has helped us tremendously.”

“Setting up an SSO it’s a no-brainer even for someone as inexperienced as me! It took me no more than 10 minutes to add new users and set up an SSO for them.”

Source: G2


Layer MFA Everywhere

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