The Benefits of Using JumpCloud and an MDM

By Zach DeMeyer Posted October 10, 2019

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We speak with many IT admins who are debating whether they should opt for a mobile device management (MDM) solution or use JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to choose between the two options. Here are the benefits of using JumpCloud alongside an MDM.

What is Directory-as-a-Service?

Let’s first talk about what each of these solutions are, and then get into how they cooperate.

JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service is the first cloud directory service, connecting users to virtually all of their IT resources with a single set of credentials. Regardless of the platform, protocol, provider, or location of these resources (Windows®, macOS®, Linux systems, applications, networks, email, infrastructure, file servers, etc.), JumpCloud can manage access to all of them. 

For many organizations, however, there is a growing need for the management of mobile devices. That’s where an MDM comes in. Utilizing an MDM takes the cloud directory experience to the next level.

What is an MDM?

MDM is an industry-standard term used to describe products that aid in the administration of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Apple® subsequently created an associated protocol, named MDM, after the industry term. The protocol started out being used specifically to manage iPhones® and iPads®, but since its inception, has spread to cover macOS® devices and Apple TV® as well.

There are also many non-Apple vendors that offer their own MDM solutions using tools similar to the Apple MDM protocol and supporting APIs. These MDM software solutions allow admins to interact with mobile devices. Using the devices’ serial numbers, an MDM deploys configuration profiles and, if necessary, sends security-related commands such as remote wipe or lock. As Apple releases new operating systems to their hardware devices, they also create new MDM payloads that aid admins in the management of their machines.  

JumpCloud + MDM

Since each solution features complementary capabilities, using JumpCloud and an MDM in tandem brings harmonious resource coverage to an organization. While an MDM controls the settings on mobile devices, JumpCloud controls those devices’ access to wireless networks, as well as managing access to systems, applications, files, and networks. 

Beyond that, JumpCloud also manages system settings (think GPO-like functions) on computers (Windows®, Mac®, Linux®) and identity access to applications, infrastructure, and more. The marriage of JumpCloud and an MDM provides complete coverage for IT organizations looking to manage their entire environment—mobile devices included.If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of using JumpCloud in tandem with an MDM solution, please send us a note. Our expert support staff will gladly help you.

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