JumpCloud @ Aug 2018 MacAdmins Meeting

Written by Zach DeMeyer on August 24, 2018

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Every month, members of the MacAdmins community meet up to discuss the current state of the Apple® IT world, presenting their findings and advancements. The August 2018 meeting, held at the University of Utah Marriott Library, featured several summations on recent changes in the industry. One such recap was on “The Evolution of Directory Services” presented by JumpCloud® CPO, Greg Keller.

The MacAdmins Monthly Meetings

MacAdmins Monthly Meeting

As aforementioned, the MacAdmins Monthly Meeting is a source of innovation in the Mac IT realm. In August 2018’s conference, several game-changing market updates were introduced, including a synopsis of Apple’s new macOS®, known as Mojave, presented by Apple system engineer, John Daley. The August 2018 meeting also featured JumpCloud CPO, Greg Keller, and his presentation on cloud directory services, namely JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service®, called “The Evolution of Directory Services”.

The Evolution of Directory Services

Greg’s presentation dives into the history of the directory services market, tracking its growth from the early Microsoft® Active Directory®-based days to the present. Greg then showcases the JumpCloud platform and how it is taking the directory services scene by storm, as well as a general overview of JumpCloud as a company. He concludes the presentation with a live demonstration of Directory-as-a-Service, showing several key features, specifically the creation of a new user.

The evolution of Directory Services

If you’d like to stream the full presentation, check it out here. You can also just look at the slides if you’d like. For a more full-featured demo, you can schedule one with our product experts. To learn more about JumpCloud, contact us or subscribe to our YouTube channel. And, of course, if JumpCloud seems like the right cloud directory service for you, sign up for the Directory-as-a-Service platform. It’s completely free, and so are your first ten users to boot.

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