JumpCloud Develops the Future Capabilities of the Cloud

Written by Rajat Bhargava on February 19, 2014

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Commercial Availability is the Next Phase of our Growth

Companies have several different phases in their growth cycle. Every stage of a company is unique and fun in its own right. There’s the idea stage, the early product creation stage, the customer validation phase, and various stages of scaling.

To put this in “JumpCloud® stages,” we launched last September at TechCrunch Disrupt SF on stage. Our goal was to spend the fourth quarter of last year really focused on working with our awesome and amazing group of users. We really wanted to learn from them about what problems they were trying to solve across identity and access management, how JumpCloud was solving those issues for them with a cloud-based directory service, and where we needed to improve and refine Directory-as-a-Service®. It’s been a great experience doing that and building an awesome foundation.

Which bring us to the next phase of our company, general availability of JumpCloud. As a commercial entity, it’s a really important step to bring a product to market and start to scale the user / customer base of that product. We have been doing that over the last four months and are ready to take it to the next level.

With that, we are announcing a number of new capabilities to our cloud directory service and device management platform:

Commercial support – companies that would like to leverage JumpCloud and would like our help and support can do so with a paid support level – 10 users are always free on our platform, but if you would like more users or just like support and you are under 10 users, drop us a note. In the meantime, you can learn more about JumpCloud pricing.

Data retention – we’ve heard from several companies that they would like to store the data longer so they can use it for compliance or forensics purposes. And now they can. Compliance is a key area of server management and we are looking forward to helping DevOps and IT folks accomplish that task.

10 users are free forever – as we move to the next phase, we are going to introduce an unlimited 10 user free forever model. That’s right, IT admins can leverage JumpCloud for free forever — with full functionality — including support for 30 days. We’ll work closely with our users to ensure that they are taking advantage of all of the capabilities during the initial 30 day process. For those organizations that need to grow to more users they can purchase online or for organizations less than 10 users that would like a support contract that is also possible.

Lookin Forward As JumpCloud Develops the Future Capabilities of the Cloud

Moving to commercial availability is always an important step in a company’s life and I’m super proud to be making it with JumpCloud and building the first Directory-as-a-Service platform. Our team has put in a tremendous amount of time working towards this milestone and it feels great to get there. We’re looking forward to many more milestones, but for now, we’re excited about this step, proud of our team, and thankful to an awesome group of engaged customers!

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