CEO Raj Bhargava at DevOps Summit Cloud Expo

Written by Rajat Bhargava on June 5, 2014

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Next week, Rajat Bhargava and the JumpCloud® team will be heading to New York for the Cloud Expo 2014. As one of the largest cloud computing events in the world, Cloud Expo not only covers cloud computing, but everything associated with it. From Big Data and Internet of Things, to SDDC, WebRTC, and DevOps, Cloud Expo will host 175+ sessions from industry leaders. There is also a special part of the show called DevOps Summit that will be all about DevOps.

Rajat is hosting a keynote session at DevOps Summit/Cloud Expo titled, “The Great Debate: DevOps from the C-suite to the Weeds,” from the unique perspective he has gained from not only being a DevOps practitioner and MIT-trained engineer, but also a CEO, investor, industry leader, and, most recently, a DevOps tool provider here at JumpCloud. Rajat will be diving into the historical trends driving the demand for DevOps methodologies in all companies, from small tech startups to large unicorns and everything in between, while also defining current DevOps best practices in the firm through case studies and practical examples. Most importantly, Rajat addresses the, “why should you care about DevOps,” question with calculated precision gained through years of experience capitalizing on forward thinking market trends and engineering practices. He’s put that thought process into what we are doing here at JumpCloud with our cloud-based directory platform. We are enabling organizations to outsource their core directory services platform enabling IT organizations to move more quickly and with flexibility.

Cloud Expo Details

If we haven’t yet answered the, “why come to the 2014 Cloud Expo event,” check out the website. We hope to see you there June 10 – 12 as we explore the future opportunities via cloud computing, and swing by the JumpCloud/ booth! In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about how you can leverage a cloud-based directory service, drop us a note. Or, please sign up for JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®. Your first 10 users are free forever!

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