JumpCloud Announces Server Orchestration Functionality

Written by Rajat Bhargava on April 28, 2014

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Over the last several weeks, we’ve written about conversations with customers, partners, press, and analysts on our up-coming server orchestration functionality. I’m proud to announce that we are officially releasing the functionality today!

These capabilities have been the product of tremendous effort from our entire team over the last nine months. We are huge believers that the cloud is fundamentally changing the game for IT and DevOps folks. As managing infrastructure is a top priority, this functionality solves one of the fundamental problems that the cloud creates.

Server Orchestration is all about automating tasks and workflows across your server infrastructure wherever it may live. Our functionality executes your commands or scripts across that entire infrastructure, scheduled or ad hoc. That’s a powerful capability and as many IT folks know, that’s not an easy feat.

We also wrap that execution in full, detailed logging and reporting so that you can know what executed, whether it was successful, or whether there were errors. In other tools on the market offering server orchestration, you are tied to languages that other tools make you use. The beauty of JumpCloud is that you can execute your tasks in whatever language you want to use!

We’ve been showing these features to some of our customers, and they’ve been so excited to get their hands on the product. Solving the intractable problems of keeping track of their servers, ensuring the necessary user access, providing secure centralized access without requiring network changes, and to have full auditing on all commands are all things they know immediately will mean less hours dealing with how they get things done, and more time making real, measurable, audited improvements to their network.

Getting Started with JumpCloud’s Server Orchestration Functionality

We are so excited to release this functionality to our customers and users, because we know how powerful of a tool it is. If you think that you are spending too much time manually doing tasks, take a look at our server orchestration functionality. It is an essential part of our cloud-based directory services platform.

Our guess is that you can automate any number of tasks that you couldn’t before, saving yourself time, decreasing the chance for errors, and giving you visibility over your infrastructure. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be talking about lots of different ways that you can use our functionality to make your network do things that were previously near impossible!

Get started with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® platform today, and let us know what you think.

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