July ’20 Newsletter

Written by JumpCloud on August 1, 2020

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s July Newsletter. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Event Aggregation & Customization with Directory Insights™
  • Remote macOS® Security with Apple® MDM
  • Advanced Feature: Windows® Custom Registry Keys Policy
  • Learn Your Way at JumpCloud University!
  • Webinars
  • Other Things You Should Know

Find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our July release notes. You can also engage with us and the JumpCloud community by joining an upcoming Office Hours event and by joining our public Slack workspace, the JumpCloud Lounge (pro tip: when you’re in, type !channels in a direct message to yourself to see all available channels and topics of discussion to join).

Event Aggregation & Customization with Directory Insights 

Directory Insights is JumpCloud’s event logging solution that provides aggregated event logs across your directory service, including identity and access changes, SAML applications, LDAP resources, RADIUS networks, MDM commands, and macOS/Windows/Linux® authentications.

Gain a customizable and comprehensive view of user access and activity patterns in a single screen, with these recent feature updates:

  • Event Details Summary: Click the drop-down arrow for an event to expand at-a-glance details, including user and location data. This tab also provides the event’s data in JSON.
  • Customize Activity Log Columns: Customize your Activity Log view by selecting the columns you want to see to monitor and act on events. Choose from 60 column attributes, including success or failed states, MFA states, application names, changed fields, and GeoIP regions.
  • More Ways to Filter: Choose from over 50 filters in the Activity Log including username, authentication method, or MFA status to surface specific logs when you’re investigating events.
  • [Coming Soon] AWS® S3 Serverless App: Archive your event logs for long-term storage and compliance needs with an easy-to-use Amazon S3 bucket. Use the AWS native functionality to move event data from the Directory Insights API to your AWS cloud storage, and funnel your data into a SIEM for further monitoring or analytics.

You can try the feature today: Set up a JumpCloud Free account with up to 10 users and 10 systems, and try Directory Insights risk free. 

Remote macOS Security with Apple MDM

Use JumpCloud’s Apple MDM to manage employees on Macs with policies and security commands. With JumpCloud MDM, you can create custom configuration profiles which you can tailor to your specific security or compliance needs. Efficiently distribute system configuration settings and payloads as well as deploy certificates, device restrictions, network/WiFi settings, and more. With the upcoming release of macOS Big Sur, organizations will need an Apple MDM vendor like JumpCloud to manage macOS devices via Apple’s official MDM protocols and APIs.

Try it today: Set up a JumpCloud Free account to use JumpCloud Apple MDM for your Mac management.

Advanced Feature: Windows Custom Registry Keys Policy

Calling all Active Directory® (AD) veterans: Recreate your favorite AD group policy objects (GPOs) in JumpCloud with the new Custom Registry Keys Policy for JumpCloud-managed Windows devices. Configure unlimited policies for Windows systems to apply every policy you’d like to for more control and flexibility beyond JumpCloud’s pre-built policies or PowerShell commands. Custom registry keys can be applied to System Groups or individual systems, like other policies pre-configured in JumpCloud. 

[Use with care] This is an advanced feature that you should only use if you know how to safely manipulate registry keys. To ensure your registry changes do not destabilize your workstation, server or laptop, we suggest running any new custom Windows policy in a virtual environment first.

Learn Your Way at JumpCloud University!

JumpCloud University is your one-stop shop for learning how you can implement JumpCloud’s  Directory-as-a-Service to work for your organization. This free education hub provides interactive self-paced courses and guided simulations so you can see how to get up and running in JumpCloud quickly. JumpCloud University also offers video tutorials, on-demand webinars, and quizzes to test your knowledge once you’re underway. Any way you like to learn, JumpCloud University offers lessons to help you manage JumpCloud like an expert.


Migrating from Active Directory: Securely Managing a Domainless Enterprise 

August 19th, 12-1 PM ET

The COVID-driven shift to remote work was the final straw for the Active Directory® (AD) infrastructure of John Ellis, Technical Program Manager of Business Systems at TechSoft 3D. Ellis knew AD would struggle to secure and support his newly remote users in an increasingly complex IT environment. Sign up for this live webinar to hear how Ellis’ team determined how to replace AD and migrate their directory services to the cloud, and how they met their user identity and access requirements by implementing a modern domainless architecture.

Watch On-Demand: Choosing, Implementing, and Operating an All-in-One Cloud Directory 

Justin Price, IT manager at real estate firm Chase International, needed to select and implement his company’s first-ever directory as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. Justin decided to implement a domainless approach to identity management instead of opting for AD and a host of associated add-ons. Hear him describe why he chose JumpCloud’s all-in-one cloud directory in this on-demand webinar.

Other Things You Should Know

  • WebAuthn Universal Second Factor (U2F) Security Keys: Enforce U2F-based authentication like Yubikey or Google Titan at the JumpCloud User Portal through WebAuthn. You can opt to use security keys for User Portal access by configuring keys from the MFA configuration dropdown in your Organization Settings in the Admin Portal. 
  • SCIM for Salesforce® and Atlassian® is Coming Soon: At the end of August, JumpCloud’s SCIM-supported app library is growing with the upcoming additions of Salesforce and Atlassian. Use these new SCIM connectors to easily create, update, and deprovision users in these apps with just a few clicks to cover the user’s Salesforce and Atlassian app lifecycles.
  • Remote Employee Onboarding + System Management: Onboard new employees with ease by enabling end users to install the JumpCloud System Agent, then bind the system to JumpCloud to manage it with policies and commands from the Admin Portal, wherever you’re working. 

JumpCloud’s mission is to Make Work Happen®, by providing people secure access to the resources they need to do their jobs. The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT, security operations, and DevOps a single, cloud-based solution to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles.

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