Community Roundup June 2023

Written by Pam Lefkowitz on June 22, 2023

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In this post you’ll find a list of topics we’ve covered in the JumpCloud Community over the past month or so. Hopefully, these will address one or some of your interests about JumpCloud and about IT in general. 

Our community is non-denominational IT-focused. Got something IT-related? We don’t care which product it is – ask away! Our community was built to help you be successful doing whatever it is you need to do using whatever products you need to use. It’s all about you! 

Come share your knowledge, questions, successes, and challenges with your peers. It’s free to use – even if you’re not using JumpCloud (but we’re sure you’ll give it a try once you see how supportive we can be). 

Board: Software & Hardware 

Board: Security & Networks

Board: Best Practices 

Board: Community Scripts 

Board: JumpCloud products 

Board: Radical Admin Blog

Being an Ally in the Office – @PamLefkowitz, @BScott, @bigdoodr

Pam Lefkowitz

Pam is an IT Columnist at JumpCloud where she uses her experience as a consultant and MSP to write about IT admin life and tech. Outside of (remote) work hours, she spends her time with her dog, visiting her kids across the country, and being creative with fiber.

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