January Newsletter: Get More Out of JumpCloud

Written by Zach DeMeyer on January 24, 2018

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New JumpCloud Case Study!

Grab is a Southeast Asian transportation and micro-payments company. Founded in 2012, they have already given one billion rides, and set up operations in seven countries. With every new office and employee, they have had to scale their IT infrastructure to match. In order to keep pace, Grab needed a flexible and secure directory services platform – and that’s where JumpCloud came in.

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Cross-OS System Management Just Got Easier!

Want to save time by automating routine tasks? Our new Policies feature provides a library of templates that admins can use to remotely configure and deploy specific settings to Windows, Mac, and Linux Systems. This enables you to enforce security standards and control the behavior of systems no matter where the machine is, without a VPN connection needed for Policies to ‘true up’. Policies are implemented through a graphical web UI, no code required. For a detailed guide on how to use and implement JumpCloud Policies, check out the Getting Started: Policies guide in our Knowledge Base. You can also find more information in the associated Knowledge Base article.

Complete List of Policies

Webinar:  The Power of PowerShell

Do you get tired of having to deal with the same repetitive tickets? Have you ever wanted to find a way to automate more of your administrative tasks? It may be easier than you think. In this webinar, we’ll dig into how you can build your own automation with RESTful APIs and kill tickets with the PowerShell command Invoke-RestMethod.

What you’ll learn:

  • Practical tips for automating your daily interactions with SaaS platforms using PowerShell and the PowerShell command Invoke-RestMethod
  • PowerShell syntax tips and tricks for working with RESTful APIs
  • Examples for how to better tackle potential tickets from AWS and SendGrid
  • An introduction to PowerShell module creation

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your day-to-day caseload. Sign up for the webinar by clicking on the button below.

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A Video’s Worth 10,000 Words – Tips and Tricks to Drive Automation

Automate Monotonous Daily Tasks with the JumpCloud PowerShell Module

The JumpCloud PowerShell Module is a set of PowerShell commands that enable admins to interact with their JumpCloud directory in a programmatic way. This new tutorial video series explains how to get started with the module, and how to begin using it to save time and automate routine tasks. Watch Now>>

Whiteboard Walk-through: Policies Overview in 8 Minutes

In our Whiteboard Series, JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer Greg Keller offers insights into the architecture underpinning Directory-as-a-Service®. In this most recent entry, Greg tackles JumpCloud’s new Policies feature. Watch Now >>

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