Introducing: JumpCloud for MSPs™ 

Written by Molly Murphy on September 12, 2022

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Over the past 20 years (and much more quickly since COVID-19), our business environment has been migrating to the cloud. Today’s users now expect to be able to use multiple vendors and access resources from anywhere, on any device, at any time. 

The problem? Legacy directory platforms and tools aren’t designed with this type of flexibility in mind. For managed service providers (MSPs), this dichotomy creates friction between what you can do with your outdated platforms, and what you need to do to remain competitive with your clients. 

The solution many MSPs have settled on is relying on multiple third-party vendors, stitching together several solutions that require extensive education of their staff and their clients to maintain. Tech stacks that were simple and intuitive to manage in years past have become complicated, and unwieldy. Gaining visibility into what is happening across the stack is virtually impossible, leading to security problems and frustration. 

It’s become extremely complicated for MSPs to efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively manage their customers’ identities, access, and devices at scale. Partners are forced to limit the amount of services they offer, reduce the number of operating systems they support, or majorly increase their costs to be able to offer these capabilities to their customers via multiple vendors.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Meet JumpCloud for MSPs. 

What Is JumpCloud for MSPs? 

JumpCloud for MSPs™ is a new product for managed service providers that allows you to deploy and manage JumpCloud at scale to your customers. With JumpCloud for MSPs, you can fill in the gaps in your stack — without having to rip and replace any solution you’re already using. It’s a powerful open directory platform™ that allows you to centrally manage identity, access, and device capabilities in a single multi-tenant console. These features combine with a partner program providing implementation, marketing, and sales support. 

JumpCloud for MSPs Offerings

In addition to all the features the standard JumpCloud Directory Platform offers, JumpCloud for MSPs also includes the following: 

  • Multi-tenant management capabilities: Enjoy the full product offering our JumpCloud Partners use, but in a self-service model. The new Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) has a “Home” tab that contains alerts for your child organizations, like user alerts (lockouts, expired passwords, about to expire passwords), device alerts (inactive later than 7 days, uptime greater than 30 days, disk encryption), software alerts (install failed, software not found, restricted software found, app not used in 30 days), and security vulnerabilities (OS patch management, MFA enabled, antivirus software).
  • Single pane of glass: MSP admins have at-a-glance information and the ability to resolve alerts without having to navigate to their child companies one by one.
  • Billing and ticketing integrations: JumpCloud for MSPs integrates with billing systems to accurately reflect license usage in customer accounts. Automated billing integrations help avoid manually billing for license usage. Select events can generate tickets automatically in an MSP’s PSA, allowing you to work more efficiently and catch problems before customers can report them.
  • Unique partner program: The partner program includes marketing collateral, sales support, premium support, and special discounted pricing for MSPs. 

Benefits of JumpCloud for MSPs 

The modern way for users to access any resource, on any device, at any time is to leverage the open directory platform approach, which is identity-centric, cloud native, and vendor agnostic. JumpCloud for MSPs is the embodiment of this open directory platform, which allows MSPs to centralize identity, access, and device management capabilities under one umbrella.

JumpCloud for MSPs fills the gaps in a partner’s offerings, without having to rip and replace any existing platform. If a partner relies on an existing directory platform, a remote monitoring and management system (RMM), a professional services automation (PSA), or any other tool that they must keep in place, JumpCloud fills gaps around that tool, and offers a variety of integrations to make your experience secure and seamless.

JumpCloud for MSPs also helps support our partners’ journey from a password-based world to a passwordless world by offering all of the capabilities required to transition users from using insecure passwords to a conditional access based single sign-on flow.

  • Improved efficiency and security: Unifying core management capabilities under our open directory platform for MSPs provides a single pane of glass to see all child companies in one place.
  • Lower costs: Costs remain competitive, thanks to increased workflows, centralizing to a unified platform, and our special partner program pricing.
  • Bigger, better offerings: JumpCloud for MSPs complements your existing offering without replacing it, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 
  • Improved user experience: Using JumpCloud for MSPs, your employees and clients will no longer have to adopt multiple solutions and attend a multitude of training sessions just to learn how to use them. 

How to Enroll in JumpCloud for MSPs 

Test-driving JumpCloud for MSPs is easier than ever. Simply sign up for your free JumpCloud trial and indicate that you are an MSP in the sign-up process. You’ll be given immediate access to the JumpCloud for MSPs product, including the Multi-Tenant Portal, JumpCloud integrations, and a full-featured child organization. 

Or, if you’d like to learn more about our MSP offerings first, check out our JumpCloud for MSPs homepage for a short demo and additional information.

Molly Murphy

Molly Murphy is a Senior Content Writer at JumpCloud. A self-professed nerd, she loves working on the cutting edge of the latest IT tech. When she's not in the [remote] office, Molly loves traveling, rescuing animals, and growing her all together unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter.

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