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Written by Zach DeMeyer on December 12, 2018

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Identity management solutions have historically been extremely expensive. Even today’s generation of web application single sign-on solutions (SSO), which are just a subset of the IAM market, are pushing up to $25 per user per month. But that isn’t even the half of the bill. You also need to include the identity provider (IdP), as well as potentially an MFA solution, identity bridges, and more. The result is that IT admins are wondering if there is a cheaper identity management solution that they can leverage?

Defining Cheaper Identity Management

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The good news is that cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality or limited functionality. A new generation of cloud identity management solutions are emerging to completely change the IAM landscape. Instead of relying on legacy identity management solutions, these innovative platforms are shifting the mindset for IT organizations to be more value based.

The historical approach to identity and access management involved leveraging the legacy identity provider, Microsoft® Active Directory®. Of course, when the IT network was Windows®-based, this worked well. But as IT organizations have evolved and adapted to the cloud, they’ve added web applications, Mac® and Linux® systems, AWS® cloud infrastructure, G Suite™ or Office 365™, and more to the list. This shift has completely changed how IT admins needed to approach their IAM strategy.

A Change in Strategy

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Active Directory couldn’t handle all of these non-Windows solutions very well, so a whole ecosystem of IAM solutions emerged. These include web application SSO, identity bridges, privileged identity management, MFA, governance platforms, and more. All of these pushed up the cost of identity management. Unfortunately, with AD at the core of an IAM strategy, it wasn’t a cheap identity management approach.

A major part of Active Directory is the CAL (client access licence) required to operate the software. While it is technically a part of the price of Windows Server, IT organizations have been paying the price to use AD across their organizations for decades. There are more costs to using AD than just the CAL, however. The on-prem identity provider requires physical servers in order to operate. Add the cost of servers to CALs, add-ons, and everything else required to use AD in the modern era, and you’ve got quite the hefty bill.

Make work happen with Directory-as-a-Service

Cheaper Identity Management from the Cloud

Significant innovations in the IAM market are pointing cost-conscious IT admins to JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. The product is a cloud alternative to Active Directory with capabilities such as centralized user management, cloud LDAP, RADIUS-as-a-Service, system management, True Single Sign-On™, MFA, and more. This cost-effective identity management platform is an interesting option for IT organizations.

You can learn more about the cheaper identity management solution, JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service by contacting us. You can also try the Directory-as-a-Service platform absolutely free, for up to ten users forever. To explore the pricing options for user bases over 10, be sure to check out our pricing page.

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