Advice On How to Become a High-Performing IT Org

Written by Greg Keller on August 11, 2015

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Gene Kim knows a thing or two about DevOps.

As an award winning CTO, author, researcher, and founder of TripWire, he’s spent a good portion of the last two years helping design the State of DevOps Report. In this fundamental report, Kim, along with other industry experts, benchmarked over 14,000 IT professionals worldwide in order to get a better understanding of top performance indicators of high performing organizations.

The think group has looked at “high-trust culture,” “version control of code and the environment,” and “proactive monitoring of the production environment,” and how those relate to high-performing organizations based on indicators such as “deployment frequency,” “lead time,” “success rates,” and “MTTR.”

What’s he found in all this time?

That companies with high performing IT operations are seeing stock market price growth faster than non IT organizations.

“How could IT performance be linked to stock market performance even be possible?” Kim asks in The Guide to Doing More, Faster (now with IT Control). “Because technology has become the dominant value-creation process and an increasingly important (and often the primary) means of customer acquisition within most organizations.”

Technology Is the Pulse, Not the Accessory

In today’s workforce technology is not longer an “add-on” or accessory to core business infrastructure. It’s the foundation on which businesses are built. Things like Software-as-a-Service, third party software applications like payroll systems and CRM systems, and even the products themselves, are rooted in technology.

To become a “high-performing IT organization,” like Kim’s research shows is more successful, businesses must spend a significant amount of time, resources, and strategy to build out how their IT operations will be stitched into the fabric of the greater business.

Many modern organizations already know this, and are rapidly replacing antiquated hardware systems with more agile SaaS and IaaS services. However, in a rush to revamp business to become as lean and swift as possible, many business owners feel like they’re speeding out of control.

New problems—like breached data systems, uncontrolled employee access to online applications, and hoards of other issues—are surfacing.

If you want to be a high performing IT organization, you must decentralize your business. But you can’t do it without controlling the changes you make to the core our your product.

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