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Written by Cate Lochead on September 24, 2020

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JumpCloud is having a big year. In addition to adding more product functionality to our platform, with SSO, MDM, auditing and reporting capabilities, integration available on Okta OIN, and more, JumpCloud users are increasingly vocal about the value of the JumpCloud Directory Platform. Whether that is joining the JumpCloud Lounge on Slack or reviewing us on Capterra, G2, or Gartner Peer reviews – the community of JumpCloud advocates is growing.  

The most recent G2 Grids recognize JumpCloud as a leader in a whopping five Identity Access Management (IAM) vendor review categories: 

We take pride in our placings because these vendor placements are driven entirely by end user feedback. In G2’s words: We are creating a motivated community of real users sharing real reviews in real time. 

So why has JumpCloud performed so well in the 2020 IAM vendor reviews? What drives users to write “I can’t imagine not using Jumpcloud to manage our infrastructure”?

Three things are driving this explosion in our business:

Complete platform to support remote work

The near instant switch to remote work has accelerated organizations’ need to implement a cloud-based platform that can unify access, device and identity management. Businesses and organizations using  Active Directory are discovering JumpCloud is a better, modern approach to securely (and remotely) connect remote users to IT resources – saving them time and helping them keep workers secure and productive. Ramesh articulates the power of the JumpCloud platform in his review

“Was evaluating 3 tools for SSO, Windows/MacOS Management, and Cloud Directory to automate our mobile workforce (50+ team) and service access (esp. AWS). Stumbled upon JumpCloud and was surprised to see all 3 category requirements meeting the bar (I have built LDAP, Kerberos, and MDM solutions in the past for my startup and understand what it takes to streamline as SaaS offering). We had a good workflow with 4 different systems to support our team, used to spend at-least 60 hours/month in supporting the team access to dev-compute systems. Now it’s reduced to 5 hours a month (5 minutes each support window). Added benefit is better compliance, smooth new hire on-boarding.”

Cloud directory platform solves limitations of the domain 

Active Directory was developed when work was done on-premise through desktop machines running Windows within a domain. The world changed and now organizations have MacBooks, G Suite, cloud apps, AWS — and more coming in everyday. The effort needed to adapt and extend Active Directory to meet today’s needs through add on solutions like Okta and Jamf is hard and expensive.  The JumpCloud platform unifies directory, access, identity and device management. Rather than trying to extend outdated technology, JumpCloud redefined and extended the directory to meet the needs of today’s world. In the words of one reviewer:

“What do I like best? I think the list goes on and on way too long for this. JumpCloud does everything I could think of. From LDAP, to IDP, to server authentication, to MDM and so much more. JumpCloud has helped Octane solve so many issues that I didn’t even know I needed to solve.”

Easy to implement, easy to use and a great partner

A complete platform alone is not enough to drive the growth that JumpCloud is experiencing. It’s the total customer experience: from our JumpCloud Free accounts that make evaluations and POCs frictionless, to the UX, which is intuitive and instructive, to the incredible teams we have supporting customers on their entire JumpCloud journey. Success at JumpCloud is when we have made our customers’ lives easier. There are so many reviews that highlight this, it’s impossible to pick one. Pick your favorite from the ones below. 

  • The interface is really clean and it’s easy to set up computers with user logins. I use this software for my organization of 180 and it allowed our company to grow with myself (Co-founder and CTO) to be the only IT manager – Heindrik
  • JumpCloud makes managing authentication to multiple services breathlessly simple!
  • At other companies, a simple server access request can often take 1/2 day to resolve. With JumpCloud, the UI is very simple for manual changes OR using the api one can set up automation for access. – Blaine
  • It’s a joy to be completely free of Active Directory where I can be. And offering a full featured suite for 10 or few users is a super classy move. – Peet
  • Their technical support is excellent and very quick, not much of a waiting time . They are customer oriented and they are ready to help. – Jean

If you have a JumpCloud experience to share, we’d love to hear from you too!

Cate Lochead

Cate is the Chief Marketing Officer at JumpCloud. She has 20 years of experience building great marketing programs for awesome software companies like DataStax and Carbon Black.

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