Miss the First DevOps Conference in Boulder? Videos Now Available!

Written by Greg Keller on February 18, 2014

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For your viewing pleasure, we have posted the videos from the DevOps Conference JumpCloud® hosted with SoftLayer last October! Please check out the videos.

A Quick Overview of the Event

The conference was a huge success with 200+ attendees, many of whom asked for videos to review the content. The conference was a day-long affair on DevOps. We covered a wide range of topics, starting with why DevOps is important, how to build a DevOps friendly product, where the security piece fits in (it does!), and more.

The final agenda is below and we have broken each session into a separate video.

Kick-off – Presenters: Rajat Bhargava (JumpCloud) & Paul Ford (SoftLayer)

DevOps view from a VC- Brad Feld (Foundry Group) presentation

Part 1 – New world order – how to build and operate in a DevOps world

  • Why DevOps? What’s the business benefit / costs? Moderator – Ryan McIntyre (Foundry Group); Participants: Jud Valeski (Gnip), Biri Singh (serial entrepreneur), Rajat Bhargava (JumpCloud), Howard Diamond (MobileDay)
  • The Social / Cultural Challenges of DevOps. Presenters: Todd Vernon (VictorOps) / Ryan Martens (Rally)
  • Agile – at the core of DevOps? Presenter: Ryan Martens (Rally)
  • Automation – a fundamental tenet of DevOps. Presenter: Nathan Day (SoftLayer)
  • How do you build your product for a DevOps world? Moderator – David Aronoff (Flybridge Capital); Participants: Matthew Bellantoni (Yesware), Michael Pav (Spanning), Jeff Malek (BigDoor), Toban Zolman (Cloudability)

Part 2 – Executing on the DevOps promise

  • Operating at scale – how do you do it? Moderator – Sean Charnock – co-founder of SoftLayer;  Participants: Tarun Reddy (Rally), Michael Merideth (VictorOps), Bill Marcum (Lijit / Federated), Trey Hicks (Trada)
  • Security for DevOps. Presenters: David Campbell (JumpCloud) / Will Morton (Beats Music)
  • 3 case studies. Moderator – Paul Ford (SoftLayer); Jon Prall (SendGrid); Scott Engstrom (Gnip); Richard Miller (Mocavo)

Closing Remarks – Rajat Bhargava (JumpCloud) & Paul Ford (SoftLayer)

If you have some time, we’d encourage you to take a look at the videos. It was a rich conversation with a lot of interaction. We hope that the conference helped advance the whole DevOps conversation, while introducing the concept to many others in attendance.  This was the first conference in what we hope will be many, so we welcome your input. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or thoughts. We’d love any feedback and any ideas on how to improve it.

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