Should DevOps Be a Title?

Written by Rajat Bhargava on May 2, 2014

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There has been a lot of talk around whether DevOps can be used as a job title or a prescriptive requirement for a job position. Some opponents to DevOps titles liken it to Agile, reasoning that it is a methodology and no one uses “Agile Engineers” as a title. They’re just called developers. Others argue that DevOps is too nascent of a process to expect people to have resume-qualifying experience in. We believe the main point revolves around its speedy implementation, but is there a right way to do it?

Job Title Or Requirement For A Position

Rajat Bhargava, CEO here at JumpCloud®, opens up the subject for debate in an article posted on He concluded it by explaining that time will tell how the terminology culminates in industry. Until then, if someone uses it as a title to gain traction in their firm, that could work on a case-by-case basis. One of his opinions expressed at the DevOps State of the Union event in Boston was that there is a self-defeating notion involved in DevOps being a title because it stands for a cultural movement being incorporated throughout the firm. Damon Edwards eloquently highlights this in a post stating that there are inherent dangers in creating a DevOps title because it makes it someone else’s problem. Creating a title out of it pigeon holes the true potential of it really taking hold. At the same time, some people in the industry are fervent believers that titles should describe day-to-day duties of an employee. Thus, DevOps Engineers is used to describe the ideal candidate.

We Embrace It As A Movement Across Our Organization

It is safe to say that we all want DevOps implemented as fast as possible. The discussion around the protocols for this implementation is valuable to have when trying to create a community. At JumpCloud, we have opted to not make it a title, but make it a part of our overall organization. Our mission is to reimagine directory services with our Directory-as-a-Service® platform. We felt that the best thing for us to do was to embrace the movement across our organization. We want to hear from you on this matter. Feel free to email us and let us know how we can help you deploy DevOps in your organization.

In the meantime, here are some questions and thoughts on DevOps:

Does using it in a title create barriers to incorporating the methodology as a culture across the firm?

In what circumstances could you make the argument that it’s better to use it as a title or requirement? When do you think it’s unnecessary?

What other cultural and professional movements could we identify in history with synergies to this movement?

Rajat Bhargava

Rajat Bhargava is co-founder and CEO of JumpCloud, the first Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS). JumpCloud securely connects and manages employees, their devices and IT applications. An MIT graduate with two decades of experience in industries including cloud, security, networking and IT, Rajat is an eight-time entrepreneur with five exits including two IPOs, three trade sales and three companies still private.

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