DevOps Conference Survey Results

Written by Rajat Bhargava on February 10, 2014

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We just announced the results from the survey taken at our first DevOps Conference in Boulder, Colorado late last year. The results were really interesting to us, and we wanted to share with the broader group here.

First off, we took away two big themes/trends from the DevOps Conference:

  • DevOps folks have no time! The results were loud and clear that DevOps folks are incredibly busy throughout their entire day. It is unbelievable what they accomplish in one day.
  •  Automation is critical! The tasks that DevOps teams discussed most in the survey (and conference) involved the automation within some very critical areas. We’ll get to that below.

More than 30 percent of the folks surveyed indicated that their organization was a DevOps org, and listed out the tools that they were using, as well as what tasks they wanted to automate.  This was impressive as the ‘call to action’ was resoundingly unanimous.

For example, we asked respondents to write-in their priority automation needs, and it was remarkable that almost everyone focused on the following four tasks:

  •  Patching
  • Deployment activities
  • User management ( Directory-as-a-Service)
  • Log file analysis and forensics

Simply put, no one wants to spend time — nay, has the time, to do these every day. Clearly, user management tasks are not easy and in need of automation! It was exciting to hear firsthand from attendees that what we are doing at JumpCloud is relevant to them and could help them save time and resources. Building a Directory-as-a-Service platform has been incredibly rewarding. We are automating centralized user management, virtual LDAP functionality, True Single Sign-On™, WiFi authentication via RADIUS-as-a-Service, multi-factor authentication, device management, and much more.

Thanks to all of the folks that attended the conference and those that responded to the survey. We look forward to the next conference and survey results!

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