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Written by JumpCloud on December 30, 2021

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It’s been a great year at JumpCloud. From new features to new funding partners, across a rapidly expanding team and major investments in the resiliency of the JumpCloud platform, we’ve spent 12 months improving the way we Make (Remote) Work Happen® for our customers. 

In case you missed any of our big announcements in 2021, we’ve rounded up a 2021 Year in Review. Check it out now!

iOS Device Management

JumpCloud’s mobile device management (MDM) now supports iOS and iPadOS devices. This is a FREE addition to the JumpCloud Directory Platform and available to all JumpCloud orgs across all packages.

The iOS MDM capabilities empower IT admins to easily manage both company-owned device (COD) and bring your own device (BYOD) policies in their organizations. This allows admins to implement tighter technical controls over CODs, while creating a way to allow self-enrollment for personal devices that protects the organization without compromising the privacy of the end user.

Device Panel Highlights Tab

JumpCloud’s new Device Panel Highlights tab is the new default landing tab when investigating an individual device. It’s packed with useful information about the device’s activity and agent status, engaged users, group  and policy enrollment, hardware and network  details, and more.

The new Device Panel Highlights tab will help admins access and assess device health and status quickly, with quick visibility into device activity events as well as bound and unmanaged users which can reduce troubleshooting time and even help detect security risks and anomalies.

Sign in to your JumpCloud org today to see it for yourself!

Expanded Linux Agent Support

JumpCloud is continuing to build out our support across Linux-based systems to enable IT administrators the flexibility to manage all of their deployed devices, regardless of operating system.

The JumpCloud agent can now be deployed on a variety of new distributions, enabling you to secure, manage, and view these systems in the admin portal. These now include:

  • Amazon Linux and Amazon Linux 2
  • CentOS 7, 8
  • Debian 9, 10, 11 NEW!
  • Fedora 34
  • Mint 19, 20 Cinnamon (64 bit)
  • RHEL 7, 8
  • Rock Linux 8.4 NEW!
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (64 bit), 20.04, and 21.04 on x86_64 and ARM64 processors

JumpCloud SSO: Additions and Upgrades

Through JumpCloud SSO, admins can centralize their employees’ access to all applications through a single set of credentials leveraging SAML 2.0 and SCIM connectors. In addition to building custom applications, admins can select from JumpCloud’s growing list of out-of-the-box connectors to expedite and simplify this process.

Last month JumpCloud added and updated the following pre-configured SAML applications:

  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud
  • Re-Leased
  • WorkRamp
  • ITBoost
  • Grammarly

If you have a connector you’d like to see on this list, you can submit your request here.

The IT Admin’s Toolkit for 2022

Is your IT team ready for the opportunities and challenges coming in 2022? 

We’ve created a comprehensive toolkit to help you answer that question. In a single free downloadable zip file, you’ll get budgeting worksheets, initiative priority plans, an IT-specific mental health roadmap, and everything else you need to start the new year on the right foot. 

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JumpCloud Webinars

Zero Trust Implementation Tips: Examples from the Field

Date: January 16th
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Chris Castaldo, CISO, Crossbeam
Fred Wilmot, CISO, JumpCloud

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Creating the Future of SME IT in 2022

Joshua Reynolds, Founder and CEO, Rob Roy Consulting, Inc
Ben Garrison, Technical Evangelist, JumpCloud

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Other Things You Should Know

  • Technology Partnerships | JumpCloud has partnered with a number of great technology providers to expand what IT admins can do to better manage and secure their end users and IT environments. Learn more about the JumpCloud partnerships with 1Password (through the 1Password SCIM bridge) and BambooHR.
  • Schedule Suspend | If you have contractors that are finishing up on New Year’s Eve this year, use the schedule suspend feature to make sure access is revoked on Friday, December 31.
  • New Linux Lock Screen Policy | JumpCloud administrators can now enforce a lock screen policy across their Linux systems. Learn all about the lock screen policy here.
  • JumpCloud Protect™ Push on Windows Devices | JumpCloud users can now verify their identities using JumpCloud Protect for push or TOTP when resetting their passwords on Windows devices. Learn about all your available options. 
  • Sudo Permissions on User Groups | Admins will now be able to manage Sudo/Admin privileges at the group level, creating a more efficient and secure means of elevating admin permissions on a device. 
  • Linux Check Disk Encryption Policy | This policy allows admins to specify which devices to encrypt and whether they require managed home directories or full disk encryption.

Find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our December release notes.


JumpCloud’s mission is to Make Work Happen®, by providing people secure access to the resources they need to do their jobs. The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT, security operations, and DevOps a single, cloud-based solution to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles.

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