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MSPs Receive a Unified View of High-Priority Issues

Written by David Worthington on August 16, 2022

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IT support tickets are inevitable, but user productivity can be lost if teams aren’t working proactively. Waiting to react to support requests makes life more difficult for support staff, while reducing satisfaction and confidence in IT.

IT teams can get ahead and build trust when they’re empowered to prioritize tasks to rapidly solve problems. The benefits are cumulative for managed service providers (MSPs).

JumpCloud recently introduced an enhancement to the open directory platform’s multi-tenant portal (MTP) that will enable each IT technician to customize their homepage view and widgets. Targeted alerts and notifications surface problems that should be attended to immediately, so it’s no longer necessary to wait for support requests to escalate before acting. The workflow is: alert, investigate, and remediate. Actionable information is available through a single pane of glass.

screenshot of JumpCloud console homepage

There’s additional value for MSPs to easily investigate alerts across their organizations in a consolidated way from the MTP homepage. Each Alert Button (aka widget) aggregates all the information from the organizations you manage, providing you a clear view into any metric.

Take User Lockouts for example, if you manage five organizations, any user locked out under one of your five organizations will appear within the alert widget. Upon opening up the investigation page, you can see who it is, what organization, and take immediate actions such as unlocking the user.

screenshots of JumpCloud console homepage with an arrow pointing to the user page

Drill down into any organization

Alert. Investigate. Remediate.

There’s plenty more enhancements to come, but the MTP already provides a unified platform for visibility into high-priority user actions and device alerts, including:

  • User lockouts: A user lockout isn’t a simple support request. Your customers’ users perform time-sensitive tasks such as meeting important deadlines or closing a deal with a new customer. Reducing lockouts is a win for your entire organization.
  • Expired passwords: An expired password can become just as disruptive as an account lockout and could even lead to the former. Know who’s experiencing problems and which users have upcoming expirations.
  • Device-specific alerts: Your team may be tracking inactive devices, devices with recent OS releases, or even mobile device management (MDM) certificate expirations. For compliance purposes, you can receive alerts if devices are without required policies.
  • User management: Keeps tabs on scheduled user activations or suspensions.

Responsive MSPs Have Higher Customer Satisfaction

MSPs have a high velocity of inbound tickets, but many are preventable by applying JumpCloud’s “alert, investigate, remediate” process. JumpCloud’s MTP simplifies common support workflows, improving core metrics such as average time to acknowledgment, average time to resolutions, customer satisfaction, kill rate percentage, and other important factors in service management.

Focus your time on adding value, not just chasing tickets. 

In the short term, working more efficiently will increase margins and improve client satisfaction across the board. The bigger picture is that you’re building trust — trust that’s earned through executing the fundamentals well, and will help you to grow your business.

A stronger relationship makes clients more receptive to doing more work with you later (not to mention improving your customer retention). Upcoming enhancements to JumpCloud’s open directory platform will extend the MTP to be even more useful for your practitioners as time goes on.

Continuous Improvement

We’re continuously adding new alerts and notifications to the MTP homepage. From ‘MDM Certificate Expirations” to “Scheduled User Activations and Suspensions,” new alerts and notifications will show aggregate information across your organizations.

JumpCloud’s objective is to provide a single pane of glass that delivers full visibility into the health of your managed organizations.

Our roadmap is driven by customer requests, which means you can contribute to your own success. We’d love to hear about which widgets would be most useful. Please contact our team to share your feedback and ideas. We read every single message that’s received.

screenshot of JumpCloud console homepage prototype

This is a prototype of an upcoming widget release

Try JumpCloud for MSPs

It’s easier than ever for MSPs to try JumpCloud. The MTP will auto-provision for anyone who indicates they’re an MSP when they sign up, without requiring any other applications.

We’ve also recently integrated with popular client relationship management services, such as Autotask PSA, to streamline client management and billing operations. MSPs receive 10 free user accounts within the first organization that they create. Partners may create child organizations.

David Worthington

I'm the JumpCloud Champion for Product, Security. JumpCloud and Microsoft certified, security analyst, a one-time tech journalist, and former IT director.

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