Customer Story: Kansas City Simplifies IT with DaaS

Written by Zach DeMeyer on August 26, 2019

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At JumpCloud®, we are always excited to hear when our customers are making the most of Directory-as-a-Service®, especially when the product makes their lives easier. For instance, organizations like Ooyala have used JumpCloud to stand up entire offices over the course of a weekend. Another excellent example is Kansas City.

Wow, you have the entire city of Kansas City as a customer? Well, not yet, but Kansas City, a popular “house for musicians” in Odense, Denmark, has started using JumpCloud to simplify their IT stack, and their story is an interesting one.

Customer Story: Kansas City

We had the opportunity to talk with Frederik Rubinke, a man who wears many hats at Kansas City. One of these hats is the sole IT technician. Frederik is responsible for managing the various IT needs across 40 practice rooms and the various other parts of Kansas City. Here’s what Frederik had to say about JumpCloud:

Could you tell us a bit about Kansas City and your role?

Frederik: Kansas City is a house of music. We have 40 practice spaces for musicians, a small concert venue and a bunch of small companies who rent office and storage space. We are fully owned by our musicians, so every penny we don’t spend on other stuff we use on making the practice spaces better or put on more concerts. My role is some of our marketing, and then I take care of all of the IT needs of the house, from running network cables to migrating from Exchange® to Office 365™.

Was Office 365 your core user directory before JumpCloud? How has the integration with O365 gone?

Frederik: No, we had on-prem Microsoft® Active Directory® and Exchange servers. We were facing a server refresh and we could save a lot of time and money by migrating our email to Office 365, our file server to a NAS, and our AD to JumpCloud. The integration between JumpCloud and Office 365 has been a breeze; it would have only taken about 30 minutes if I had followed the Knowledge Base articles from the start, and not been trying to figure out what I was missing, because I didn’t believe it could be that easy.

Why did you choose JumpCloud over other options? How does it compare to your previous AD / Exchange setup?

Frederik: The primary reason I chose JumpCloud was the price. Nobody could compete with the features, the ease of setup, and the total cost of ownership. The administration of our new setup is so much easier compared to our former AD / Exchange setup. From a user perspective, nothing has really changed; they just have a lot more options. Also, we will be getting a few of our users Mac® computers, which were not an easy option with our previous setup.

What are you using to authenticate with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)? How is JumpCloud’s Cloud LDAP offering working for you?

Frederik: At the moment I’m only authenticating our NAS with LDAP, and it’s working perfectly.

Can you tell us more about your use of file servers and how the Samba authentication into file servers with JumpCloud is working for you? 

Frederik: We are a small business; we have a very flat organization and a rather flat file share structure. Our primary concern with switching to JumpCloud was the seamless authorization of user against the file share. We use JumpCloud’s cloud LDAP to authenticate our NAS, and it’s working perfectly. With JumpCloud, our users have the same password for the file share as their email, so when they get prompted for their username and password, it’s intuitive.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service?

Frederik: Do it! Any small business is so much better off with the JumpCloud solution. The ease of administration and setup alone makes it worth it. Not needing servers with license costs and short lifespans makes life so much easier and cheaper. In case our Samba file share blows up, we could be up and running from backup on a newly bought consumer-grade Samba NAS in a few hours (and then order a proper replacement NAS). And when you make the switch, follow the articles in the Knowledge Base; it really is as simple as they state.

Hear from Other JumpCloud Customers

Tak for dine venlige ord, Frederik! (Thank you for your kind words, Frederik!) We are so grateful to be able to speak with Frederik about how JumpCloud made his job easier. We love to hear from the people that use Directory-as-a-Service every day, so if you’d like to share your JumpCloud story with us, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

You can read more of the amazing stories from our customers by checking out the Case Studies tab of our Resources page.

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