Cross-Platform FDE Simplified

Written by Nick Scheidies on December 11, 2018

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Until now, tools for enabling and managing full disk encryption (FDE) solutions have been limited to a single OS: capable of enforcing FDE exclusively on Macs® or Windows®, but generally not both. Cross-platform full disk encryption has long eluded IT. But now we at JumpCloud® are excited to announce the release of our new policies that enable and manage FileVault 2 and BitLocker across your organization. True cross-platform FDE management has arrived – and you can try it for free when you sign up here.

Why You Need FDE Management

Why you should enforce full disk encryption

FDE should be a requirement – whether you’re a startup, SMB, or a full-scale enterprise. You should even enable FDE on your personal machines, if only to protect your photos and private files.

Of course, individual users don’t need FDE management tools. There is software contained on every Mac and Windows system that can easily enable FDE (BitLocker for Windows / FileVault for Mac). But enabling FDE in an automated, enforceable way, organization-wide requires an FDE management tool. Add on the need for securely managing individual recovery keys and you can easily see why an enterprise class FDE management tool is required.

Why Aren’t FDE Management Tools Cross-OS?

FDE for Mac and Windows machines

Let’s face it:  the future is cross-platform. We’re never going back to a uniform IT environment where everyone’s system looks the same as everyone else’s. Apple® has taken a bite out of the global desktop OS market, claiming 13.49% (StatCounter, August 2018) market share and that includes the workplace.

In this day and age, IT shouldn’t have to choose vendors that narrow their focus to one operating system, and offer little to no support for the others. There’s a place for those types of management tools: the past, when all-Windows organizations still were the norm. But that world of the early 2000’s is largely extinct. In its place is a heterogeneous environment – and not just when it comes to systems, but apps and infrastructure too.

Time for Cross-Platform Full Disk Encryption

Cross platform full disk encryption (FDE) with JumpCloud

There’s no longer a need to use separate tools to enforce FDE for Mac and Windows systems. JumpCloud Policies for FDE can be enforced either through point-and-click GUI or directly through the command line in PowerShell. Either way, it takes just a few seconds to protect the data on your all of your users’ Mac and Windows systems forever. Learn more about how JumpCloud can help with FDE and system security in general by signing up for a free demo.

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