Consolidating Tools via JumpCloud

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on April 28, 2020

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IT admins are examining strategies to make their operations more efficient during this period of economic uncertainty. Various tactics allow them to reduce the number of tools in their stacks and stabilize their budgets. One way to do this is to implement a cloud directory service such as JumpCloud®.


JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® is a core directory in the cloud, and it can enable admins to eliminate extraneous vendor spend without reducing their technical capabilities or security.

With JumpCloud, users access virtually all their IT resources through their systems (i.e., laptops), so those systems must be secured no matter where they’re located. Organizational security depends on user access through a secure device, which has full disk encryption and other security measures configured. Organizational security also depends on limiting users’ access to only the resources they need to do their jobs, as well as enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) at each access point.

Because JumpCloud serves as a comprehensive access control and device management platform, admins can often eliminate a wide range of other tools when they use it. JumpCloud can act as a standalone directory service or as an all-inclusive Active Directory® identity bridge to the IT resources AD struggles to manage.

Below, we’ll examine traditional IT cost centers and the corresponding features in JumpCloud. Admins can test the platform’s full functionality for free to determine whether it’s practical to eliminate each traditional IT cost center in their environment’s specific context.

Eliminate Vendors & On-Premises Server Costs

Admins have traditionally taken for granted the costs associated with on-premises servers, plus disparate vendors to augment AD. Here’s how JumpCloud can address and reduce these costs:

  • Legacy directory services: Legacy services like AD require on-prem domain controllers, which admins have to service and upgrade. Using JumpCloud’s Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU) and other native tools, AD admins can migrate their users and groups into JumpCloud, begin managing users and systems by JumpCloud, and transition away from on-prem directory services. 
  • Web application single sign-on: Rather than using point solutions in addition to their directory service, admins can achieve SSO directly from their core directory with JumpCloud. JumpCloud features hundreds of pre-configured SAML SSO connectors, as well as included JIT and SCIM functionality for select apps. 
  • System management vendors: JumpCloud admins have comprehensive system management capabilities for macOS®, Linux®, and Windows® machines, including GPO-like Policies applicable to each platform. That way, they don’t need additional vendors to manage Mac or Linux machines, and they can configure and monitor their fleet from one place. 
  • On-prem LDAP & RADIUS servers: JumpCloud has cloud RADIUS and LDAP functionality, so admins can federate users’ core credentials to VPN and WiFi networks, legacy apps, and other resources that require a backing LDAP directory or the RADIUS authentication protocol — without any on-prem servers.
  • Privileged access management: Admins don’t need to seek additional solutions to implement privileged access management for their Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms. Instead, they can provision users, control cloud infrastructure access, and manage SSH keys directly through JumpCloud
  • Multi-factor authentication: JumpCloud enables multi-factor authentication (MFA) at access points across an organization’s environment, including systems, applications, and networks. 
  • Auditing & governance: With the premium System InsightsTM and Directory Insights features, admins can return telemetry about their system fleets and monitor directory events including user authentications and password changes.

Every organization has unique needs, but in a time of great distress in the global economy, many IT admins are looking to accomplish more with the tools they already have or purchasing news ones that can reduce the other tools they need to use. 

With JumpCloud, organizations can reduce their dependence on on-prem infrastructure and dramatically reduce the number of vendors and point solutions they use in favor of an all-in-one IAM platform.

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If you’re interested in learning more about JumpCloud’s functionality, you can give it a try by signing up for a free account. Your first 10 users are free forever. 

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