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Written by Ryan Squires on November 5, 2018

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Is there a cheaper JumpCloud alternative? The truth is that there can always be cheaper ways of managing users and systems, but the core question becomes one of worth. Is it worth it to save a few bucks at the expense of important features that can ultimately save you time, which as Benjamin Franklin said, is ultimately money?

Cheaper Now Does Not Mean Cheaper Forever

Cheaper JumpCloud alternatives

When it comes to identity and access management (IAM), it pays to be extremely careful about making the right investments. One overlooked or undervalued aspect could set you on an undesirable course for the next 10 years (if you don’t believe that, think about how long Microsoft Active Directory has been around). Ultimately, an IAM strategy is at the core of an IT infrastructure. And, with more security risks than ever, it is critical to make sure you have the right strategy and solutions, even if there is a cost attributed to those requirements.

According to Larry Ponemon and his Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study 2018, “you’re more likely to experience a data breach of at least 10,000 records (29.7 percent) than you are to catch the flu this winter (5-10 percent according to WebMD).” Now, you may not have that many records, but according to the same article, each record compromised costs you $148. So in reality, cutting back on your IAM solution could end up costing you far more money in the long run than the upfront savings gained by choosing a cheaper solution for your needs.

Different IAM Areas JumpCloud Intersects

IAM with JumpCloud

That said, of course no organization wants to waste money, so you will want to be diligent about the costs you incur while keeping an eye on security to make sure those savings are not in vain. Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s dive into the different areas that JumpCloud covers and whether you can generate a strong return on investment by using the the cloud-based directory service.

  • Directory service – as a cloud directory, JumpCloud can eliminate the need for an on-prem identity provider such as Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD).
  • LDAP/RADIUS server – many IT resources require LDAP authentication and often that server is hosted at a colocation facility or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. For increased network security, IT admins will often deploy a FreeRADIUS server to protect their wired and WiFi connections. With JumpCloud, IT admins can skip all of the heavy lifting associated with deploying, installing, configuring, and integrating LDAP/RADIUS servers.
  • Web application single sign-on (SSO) – JumpCloud’s SAML support extends core identities to web applications without the need for an additional SSO platform and its reliance on on-prem AD.
  • System management cross-platform GPO-like functions are a key part of the overall, Directory-as-a-Service solution. There’s no need to purchase an additional endpoint management or system management solution. With the ability to deploy commands to hundreds, if not thousands, of systems simultaneously, you’ll experience significant time savings.
  • Multi-factor authentication – with MFA (2FA) for both Mac®/Linux® systems as well as web applications, the included security capabilities do not require additional solutions.
  • VPNs – many organizations install VPNs for the express purpose of authenticating remote users to Active Directory. Because of JumpCloud’s mutual TLS architecture, no VPNs are necessary to authenticate with the identity provider.
  • Infrastructure – an identity and access management infrastructure requires a great deal of hardware, software, and time to implement. Skip all of that with a Software-as-a-Service-based directory service.

While JumpCloud does have some out-of-pocket costs, it is easy to calculate the value it can provide by not only eliminating a number of solutions, but also the time and infrastructure required to build out your identity management approach. As a SaaS solution, you no longer need to purchase client access licenses (CALs), update out-of-date software and the hardware used to run it, or decipher tricky per user costs of AD.

After all, with AD you have to account for a number of add-on solutions you will need to create a secure environment in a cloud-forward IT world. This would include add-ons like single sign-on providers, governance, hosting, backup, IT administration, VPN costs, and MFA, plus more. With JumpCloud, you pay for what you use, per user, on a monthly or annual basis, and let us do the rest.

Learn More About JumpCloud

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Now that you have seen how a cheaper JumpCloud solution can actually end up saving you more than AD plus its add-ons, feel free to drop us a line. We’re eager to show you how shifting to a cloud directory can benefit both you and your users while ultimately saving you some money. If you want to see how the product works for yourself, sign up for a free account today. Our free account allows you to manage up to 10 users for free, forever. Additionally, check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos, best practices, and helpful whiteboard videos.

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