Change G Suite™ Passwords on your Mac®

Written by George Lattimore on August 20, 2018

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For corporate enterprises and startups alike, Google’s G Suite is being leveraged day in and day out by today’s organizations. It’s no secret this productivity suite is incredibly useful for promoting communication and, ultimately, efficient workflow within these enterprises. However, many who leverage the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution are wondering: what’s really the best way to change G Suite passwords on your Mac®?

Phishing for Passwords

Password Phishing

Password management is an essential task in the IT world, involving both admins and end users alike. For example, keeping strong passwords that are long and complex helps ensure security is upheld. With G Suite, strong passwords are of the utmost importance since your email is essentially the key to your online identity.

The challenge, as well as the threat, is that G Suite passwords are often compromised by way of a technique called phishing. Heard of this before? It’s when hackers do their best to imitate the G Suite password update process, creating a look-alike email trap that can be hard to tell apart with an untrained eye. For those users that end up falling for the trick, their account is hacked, and many of their other accounts are now under high alert as well. Why? Hopefully we’re not talking about you here, but studies have shown 61% of users reuse the same or a similar password everywhere. Or, all of your online identities are tied to your G Suite account and password resets on those other services all land in your G Suite inbox, which a hacker has control over. With all of a user’s data streams federated from just one set of credentials, the implications of a breach can spill over into other realms of their online identity and workplace with dire consequences.

How to Directly Change G Suite Passwords on your Mac

G Suite Password Changes Directly on Mac

For IT admins in particular, password management presents a significant area of risk they would rather avoid if at all possible. One way to do that is to leverage the system itself instead of a web portal. By directly changing G Suite passwords on a user’s Mac, and not on a website, IT admins can dramatically lower the chances of their users being hacked. Add in multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) to the process, where a revolving, temporary passcode is used as a second line of verification, and the likelihood of a hacked G Suite account drops even further.

Confused about how exactly to change the G Suite password natively on your Mac? Don’t be! By using the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service Mac App feature, users can update their JumpCloud password with ease. And, given that JumpCloud features G Suite integration functionality, a user’s JumpCloud password becomes their G Suite password.

So, by leveraging the Mac App, Mac users can makes changes to both their JumpCloud and G Suite password, all in one click. Not to mention that the password also changes the password on the Mac itself, in LDAP applications, and on the WiFi network via RADIUS among other places. Admins also have full access to adjust reminder settings that further help lift the burden of password reset reminders off of their shoulders.

Want to hear more about how JumpCloud’s Mac App and G Suite integration make it easy to change G Suite Passwords on your Mac? Send us a message, or sign up for free to see it in action for yourself. You can also check out our YouTube page to learn more. If you’d rather see a personalized demo, one of our product experts will be happy to set you up.

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