Partner Case Study: Priority One Scales IT Services to the Cloud

Written by George Lattimore on June 30, 2019

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JumpCloud Partners are shifting away from the break-fix business model to managed services, taking their clients infrastructures to the cloud with them. One clear way JumpCloud Partners in particular are making the migration to the cloud is by alleviating the need to use on-prem servers at each client site. Now, MSPs can effectively integrate a cloud directory service into their technology stack and begin centrally managing all of their clients from one browser-based portal

As JumpCloud’s Partner Program continues to spread across the globe, we like to highlight success stories with case studies and Partner Spotlights. Priority One’s case study provides one such example.

As a managed service provider (MSP) based out of London, Priority One has been offering 24/7 IT support to their SMB clients for over 10 years running. With over 50 client organizations in tow, and only around 35 employees to manage them all, leveraging solutions that are efficient and scalable is vital for their business. Priority One’s Managing Director, Jon Abbott, saw an opportunity to build on their profit margin by optimizing the business model and client services with a cloud directory.

Check out Priority One’s full case study with JumpCloud, or simply read through this post for a high-level summary. 

Revamping Directory Services via the Cloud

Client Security

By becoming a JumpCloud Partner, Jon was able to circumvent the limitations of on-prem servers while increasing Priority One’s efficiency and client security. For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular, cyber security continues to ramp up in importance. One recent study found that as high as “60% of SMBs shut down within 6 months of an attack” (Channel Futures and Alien Vault Webinar). Therefore, it’s the MSPs responsibility to protect their clients, and give them the peace of mind they need to push forward with confidence. 

“If you don’t manage the platforms properly, either they’re going to get hacked, or it’s going to be remarkably inefficient. It’s just not going to work if you don’t piece together the right applications and make them actually seamless.”

—Jon Abbott, Managing Directory at Priority One

Management Efficiency

Back to efficiency for a moment—let’s highlight why this is such a key issue for MSPs in particular. If you’ve got thousands of end users spread out across dozens of organizations and possibly hundreds of locations, efficiency is simply mandatory. Without centralizing management and without a flexible, streamlined technology stack, daily admin processes for MSPs can quickly spiral out of control. JumpCloud was able to bring together the directory services aspect for Priority One, giving them a foundation of cloud efficiency and automation to take on more clientele.

“The speed that you can roll out JumpCloud, globally, with very little disruption, for hundreds of people, results in huge efficiency gains. Whereas if you’re using on-prem technology, you just wouldn’t be able to do that.”

—Jon Abbott

Shifting Away from Break-Fix

The result of all that efficiency gained? Less break-fix dependencies, less overhead, and more time at hand to support greater numbers of clients—with the same amount of staff. Since implementing Directory-as-a-Service, the size of Priority One’s client base has continued to increase while their management process has been centralized across client environments supporting any combination of Mac®, Windows®, and Linux®

“As more and more things started to move to the cloud, it became very apparent that actually, we’re going to have more work to do. It’s just done differently as we can now centrally manage all of these different platforms.”

Jon Abbott

Contact the Partner Program to Learn More

Look through our MSP-specific whitepapers and guides here, or feel free to just send us a message. JumpCloud Partners receive competitive reseller margins as well as sales support in the form of co-marketing campaigns, implementation calls, and joint webinars. You can also sign up for a free account today to explore the platform for yourself. The first 10 users are on the house for every client organization.

Partner Program

JumpCloud’s Partner Program empowers IT Service Providers with central identity management from the cloud. Fine-tuned for MSPs with cloud security offerings or clients transitioning to the cloud, Directory-as-a-Service can be easily bundled at the center of any product stack to make your business, and your clients’ businesses, as efficient and scalable as possible. Make Work Happen™ for your clients while improving the bottom line for your business.

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