Case Study: FullContact

Written by Jon Griffin on August 4, 2017

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FullContact is a provider of connected address book solutions. They are ideal for networking, and come with cross-platform applications and APIs that enable relational insight in an organized and up-to-date manner. A perfect example of a cloud-forward company, FullContact has been leveraging cloud-based services from their beginnings in 2011. They are completely on AWS, and also use nearly 100 other SaaS services to help run their business. Through the cloud, FullContact has been able to find their productivity, networking, and database tools needed to be a functioning business, without the overhead of on-premises solutions.

However, as they grew and surpassed their 20th employee, they realized that they could no longer manually manage all of their users.

FullContact Case Study

Manual management of all of your users is possible, but it is not efficient or scalable. Once you reach more than 10 users or so, you really begin to run into the difficulties of keeping track of user access, especially if you use as many SaaS services as FullContact. Recognizing this issue, FullContact decided that they needed to look into a directory.

The most common directory solution is Microsoft’s Active Directory®, but this required on-prem servers, installation, and maintenance. For a cloud-forward company, moving back on-prem was the exact opposite direction that they wanted to head. That was when they found JumpCloud. They have since completely moved their entire workforce onto JumpCloud’s directory, and are enjoying remaining the cloud-forward company that they want to be. You can read more about FullContact in their case study, by clicking on the image below.

full contact api

FullContact was able to find the directory they needed, and can now scale their organizations IT at ease.

“At FullContact, we are all about managing people’s address and contact profiles in a nice, neat, and centralized address book solution. We are glad we found the equivalent for our employees’ IT profiles in JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®.”

Move Your Directory to the Cloud

IT resources are all moving to the cloud, and it’s time to manage them from the cloud as well. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service is built for the cloud-forward environment of the modern enterprise, and is perfect for companies both created in the cloud-era and those moving to the cloud era. With the ability to manage your systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), cloud and on-prem servers (Google Cloud, AWS, and so on), wired or WiFi networks (via RADIUS), and web and on-prem applications (LDAP, SAML, etc.), all of your platforms, protocols, and locations are all able to be managed from a centralized cloud directory. With the added bonus of providing cloud LDAP, RADIUS-as-a-Service, user management, and more, there are endless reasons why you should be switching to a directory made for the cloud.

Try out our cloud-based directory for yourself with a free account. Your first 10 users are free forever – no credit card required. You can also reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We would love to discuss why Directory-as-a-Service may be right for you.

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