Automation/Server Orchestration @ GlueCon

Written by Rajat Bhargava on May 30, 2014

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The Glue Conference was a hit last week in Broomfield, Colorado, and JumpCloud’s co-founder and CTO, Topher Marie, was given the opportunity to talk in detail about the ins and outs of our Directory-as-a-Service® platform, centralized user management, and device management in relation to DevOps and managing complex infrastructure.

Topher’s talk revolved around how we at JumpCloud have embraced DevOps and also are managing a complex infrastructure. For example, automating manual, repetitive tasks such as pushing development from staging to production or gathering monthly billing information frees up time for more important processes that can produce more innovative environments. Topher walked through a number of different ways that folks manage their infrastructure including manual management, scripts, and open source options. Of course, Topher also hit how JumpCloud is addressing this same issue.

At JumpCloud, we call the space that we are working within Identity-as-a-Service – the coordination and automation of user management, tasks across devices, and single sign-on. This stresses the importance of automation and the benefits such as saving time and money and reducing the risk of error from eliminating manual, tedious tasks. We focus on this at JumpCloud because we haven’t encountered effective and secure tools that enable automation to take place.

The audience engaged with Topher pretty quickly jumping in and asking a number of questions. There were also folks that had previously worked at Netflix and talked about their challenges with the exact problems that Topher was talking about. It was clear to them at the time they were solving this problem that nobody had addressed these problems and so JumpCloud was solving a critical need. Other folks peppered Topher with other questions around different open source approaches and the challenges of using them to solve the on-going operational management problems.

Big thanks to GlueCon for setting up this amazing annual event and letting us share some insights about cloud-based directory services. When incorporating these insights into your workplace, make sure to give JumpCloud’s free trial a whirl!

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