Assembling Your IT Startup Dream Team

Written by Greg Keller on July 8, 2016

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assembling dream IT

So, you have an IT solution that will change the game. Your company is in its early stages and seed money from top investors allows you to set-up shop in an amazing office space located in the most desirable section of town.

You’ve hit LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder in order to attract some top notch talent with the offer of market wages. As the clock ticks and the calendar pages fall you have sporadic interviews, but no hires. Your customer base is vulnerable to being poached by another company and your employment offers are slipping through the cracks. Panic sets in.

Welcome to the Modern Tech Job Market

Today, the job market is blossoming into a place where there is far more openings in IT than job seekers.

The top IT employers are on the attack, offering everything from free lunches and unlimited vacation to private work busses, in-house yoga classes, and the always popular nap pods.

Beyond these perks, IT companies continue to hike up their employee salaries. Even outside of the Bay Area we are seeing this trend growing rapidly.

In Such an Economy, How Do You Build Your IT Team?

To answer this question you have to ask yourself these poignant questions:Auditing_compliance-01-f11d61c6c4bce3df1c60c0d64a028045

  • Why are you in business?
  • Why is your IT solution meaningful?
  • Are you competing with larger enterprises or delivering a new product?
  • Are you helping to build better lives?

Your company’s core values and goals are what potential employees will ultimately look at. For developers, the focus could be trying to work towards making something revolutionary or even solving a problem that affects their own lives.

Looking beyond financial benefits, you should always take into consideration hiring long-term employees that can and will benefit from your company’s success.

Targeting the passions and goals that a prospective employee would have the opportunity to explore and achieve will ultimately outshine all the excessive perks we mentioned above. Those who seek all the add-ons and do not believe in the product or solutions will not be good hires in the long run.

Note: Hired the perfect candidate? Check out these quick tips to onboarding new employees.

IT onboarding

Making Your Search Easy

Simply comprehending why you are in business will help your search become less grueling and more successful. When your company’s goals align with those of a prospective employee the process is expedited, and landing those initial superstar developers becomes less of a chore. In addition, these developers can assist in recruiting even more talent into your company.

It all boils down to this: finding top tier talent is made easier by fully understanding your business and creating a challenge for potential employees to innovate and fulfil their ambitions.

What’s Next?

Once your company has grown to the desired size you need to work on securing your organization and employees. Learn more on how your company can get a leg up on its security and further safeguard your employees, applications, cloud infrastructure, and endpoints.

To learn about how we here at JumpCloud can assist your company’s growth through a unified cloud directory drop us a note. For those that are more hands on learners check out our free trial – first ten users are free forever!

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