April ’20 Newsletter

Written by JumpCloud on April 30, 2020

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s April Newsletter! Here’s what’s inside: 

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Product Updates:

  • User Self-Service System Agent Install
  • Announcing Directory Insights in Early Access with PowerShell
  • Guard the User Portal with WebAuthn and Yubikey
  • System Insights UI: Expanded Data and Automatic Enablement
  • SAML SSO: Custom App Bookmarks
  • New Policies for Linux® CentOS 7, Windows® & Mac®

Coming Soon

  • Introducing Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mac App: Passwordless User Portal Access
  • SCIM Provisioning for Slack

JumpCloud News & Events:

  • Where’s The Any Key? Podcast
  • Remote Device & App Management Webinar

Find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our April release notes.

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Product Updates

User Self-Service System Agent Install

Admins can decide to let end users independently download and install the JumpCloud System Agent on their Mac, Windows, or Linux system to become JumpCloud-managed users. Once employees self-install the agent, admins can manage user systems, push policies, or run custom commands from the Admin Portal.

Learn more about this update in the Knowledge Base.

Announcing Directory Insights in Early Access with PowerShell

Now in Early Access through May 29, JumpCloud’s newest premium feature Directory Insights is our event logging and compliance feature that can be used now with our RESTful API. Read the Directory Insights EA details for more on how this feature lets admins pull event logs and track user authentications to the console, SSO apps, systems, and RADIUS (with LDAP support coming in May).

  • PowerShell support for Directory Insights will be available the first week of May. Today you can use the JumpCloud PowerShell Dashboard and its Users, Systems, and Associations tabs to visualize your directory data. Copy-and-paste your way to mastering the JumpCloud PowerShell Module with the PowerShell Cheat Sheet, and reference the PowerShell Module Wiki for installation instructions and more how-to info. (Running PowerShell core? The JumpCloud PowerShell Dashboard requires the latest version to launch.)

Guard the User Portal with WebAuthn and Yubikey

JumpCloud is expanding its secondary authentication support to allow Yubikeys and other WebAuthn security keys for User Portal authentication. This WebAuthn MFA support allows admins to register user Yubikeys or any other WebAuthn security keys from the Admin Portal.

Find feature details in this Knowledge Base article and read our blog for more on MFA hardware.

System Insights UI: Expanded Data and Automatic Enablement

JumpCloud premium feature System Insights offers more Admin Portal functionality:

  • Choose to automatically enable System Insights for newly added systems.
  • Use the point-and-click Details menu options to filter and view system data across Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Data ready to query that isn’t in the UI yet can be accessed via API or the JumpCloud PowerShell Module.

SAML SSO: Custom App Bookmarks

  • Bookmark apps in the User Portal for non-SAML/SCIM applications so users have one place to find the apps they use to work (including apps that don’t integrate with standard SSO protocols).
  • Bookmarks let admins add descriptions so client users know how to authenticate to these apps.

New Policies for Linux CentOS 7, Windows & Mac

Maintain remote device standards in a remote work environment with several new Policies for Linux CentOS 7, and an updated removable storage policy for Windows and Macs. 

  • CentOS 7 Policies: Service Clients; Secure Boot Settings; Disable Unused Filesystems; Network Parameters; Additional Process Hardening
  • Removable Storage Policy: Configure how Windows, Mac, and Linux systems behave regarding optical drives, USB devices, and other removable storage. Note: The Linux version of this Policy only applies to USB storage.

Coming Soon

Mac App: Passwordless User Portal Access

In May, the JumpCloud Mac App will offer passwordless access to the User Portal to remove friction as employees get to critical work resources as soon as they log in on their Mac.

  • macOS users will log into their device with their username and password to verify their identity. Pro tip: require MFA for the system login.
  • Once logged into their Mac, users get into the JumpCloud User Portal directly from their desktop with the Open User Portal button in the Mac App and get immediate access to their work apps and profile settings with no further password entry needed. 
  • This passwordless authentication through the Mac App means users only need to authenticate to their system a single time to get to their JumpCloud-managed resources. 
  • Password changes made with the Mac App sync to JumpCloud and other IT resources. 

Once the device is trusted, there’s no need for users to memorize or bookmark any URLs or re-enter credentials, making the journey to the User Portal as frictionless and secure as possible.

Read about the updated Mac App functionality in this Knowledge Base article.

Introducing Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM)

JumpCloud is expanding its macOS system management offering to include Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality! 

  • In the initial release, JumpCloud will be able to be registered as your MDM of choice with Apple and allow enrollment of a macOS host as an MDM-managed device. 
  • In combination with JumpCloud’s now Apple-verified macOS agent and configuration policies, admins can push standard MDM commands to the host such as lock, wipe, restart and shutdown.   
  • As our MDM offering develops, it’ll provide greater control over the configuration and management of JumpCloud-managed Apple devices using the MDM protocol.

SCIM Provisioning for Slack

SCIM provisioning and deprovisioning for Slack SSO will be made available to admins soon to fully manage user lifecycles for the popular chat app. 

  • JumpCloud admins will see the Identity Management configuration drop-down option within the Slack connector. This new feature allows for JumpCloud to provision new accounts, update existing accounts, and deactivate existing accounts in Slack all from JumpCloud’s Admin Portal. 

Slack is the first of applications we plan to add to JumpCloud’s SCIM-supported SSO offerings over the coming months. Tell us which apps you want to see next!

There’s more…

  • Multiple G Suite Sync: Synchronize with multiple G Suite tenants through the Admin Portal to leverage as many G Suite instances as you need and sync each with an organization’s core JumpCloud credentials. JumpCloud Orgs will have the ability to connect to multiple G Suite instances, but users can only be bound to a single G Suite instance within JumpCloud. This does not support users being bound to more than one G Suite instance.
    Check out this Knowledge Base article to learn more.
  • Active Directory® Integration Update for Managing AD User Group Membership: Organizations that leverage JumpCloud’s AD Integration can use JumpCloud to manage Active Directory Users’ group memberships, providing a single location to control users and their user group memberships across your entire organization. User Groups created in JumpCloud will not yet be reflected in AD, but existing groups and memberships across both directories will be synced.

JumpCloud News & Events

  • Where’s The Any Key? Podcast: Our just-launched podcast Where’s The Any Key? is hosted by JumpCloud IT Support Engineer Ryan Bacon. You can listen to the premier episode on Spotify, which covers JumpCloud’s three-day shift to a fully distributed workforce featuring JumpCloud IT Support Technician Noah Rosen. For on-demand viewing of this episode and more, visit our dedicated webinars page which offers several new webinars on IT’s biggest issues like single sign-on, remote on- and offboarding, multi-factor authentication, and zero-touch deployment.
  • Remote Device & App Management Webinar: Want to know how to use JumpCloud to install applications remotely and manage remote device fleets? Join our webinar on Thursday, May 19, at 9:00 am MT, hosted by JumpCloud Admin Richard Hickson and JumpCloud CTO Greg Keller! Register to learn how to swiftly shift and evolve to remote work models with JumpCloud system management with commands, custom-scripting or other methods. Reserve your seat!

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