Advanced User Imports | JumpCloud PowerShell Module

Written by Jon Griffin on January 31, 2018

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PowerShell has been enabling admins to interact with their directory in unique ways for years now. With it, many of the monotonous tasks of everyday IT can be automated and handled programmatically. It has become an essential tool in many IT admins lives, and it is now coming to JumpCloud.

We recently developed the JumpCloud PowerShell Module, and it is doing just as much for Directory-as-a-Service® as it did for Active Directory. If you want to level up your programmatic interaction with your DaaS instance, then the new JumpCloud PowerShell Module is the tool for you.

Advanced User Imports From CSV Files

One great example of how this PowerShell module can help you do more is with advanced user imports. JumpCloud has a great UI that makes user creation simple and straightforward, but what if you need to create hundreds of users in a short period of time? That’s where the module is able to shine.

The creator of the module, Scott Reed, created a tutorial video on user importing and advanced user importing that demonstrate exactly how the module can help. In this video, shown above, Scott demonstrates how you can take a large group of Active Directory Profiles and automate the entire import process into JumpCloud. If you prefer to read, you can also find in depth documentation on our GitHub page

More Information on the JumpCloud PowerShell Module

jumpcloud powershell and Advanced User Imports

If you want to learn more about the JumpCloud PowerShell Module, or just PowerShell itself, then you’re in luck! JumpCloud’s Senior Success Engineer Scott Reed will be doing a webinar on the topic, titled “How to Kill Browser Tabs and Tickets Using PowerShell: The Secret Sauce for SaaS.” In this webinar, Scott will break down some of the powerful ways that PowerShell can work with AWS, SendGrid, and many other SaaS applications. You can sign up for this webinar here!

To learn more about the JumpCloud PowerShell Module and what it can do for your directory, you can find tutorial videos for installation on YouTube and additional documentation on our GitHub page. Additionally, you are always welcome to contact the JumpCloud team to ask any questions that you might have.

Haven’t Tried JumpCloud Yet?

Learn morea bout Advanced User Imports with the PowerShell module and Directory-as-a-Service

If you are still new to the world of JumpCloud, sign up for a free account and see what you’ve been missing. JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service manages and connects your users to their systems, applications, files, and networks. The innovative cloud-based directory service is changing the way that IT admins see user management, and saving time and money in the process. Take advantage of our 10 free users offer and test out the platform for yourself.

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