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Cloud LDAP Solution

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the core authentication protocol leveraged for authenticating virtual user identities in IT organizations. It is the backbone of on-prem [...]


RADIUS in the Cloud

RADIUS is a core protocol in the management of network infrastructure gear. In fact, RADIUS has been around for a while and has been leveraged for a great deal of legacy network equipment, [...]

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SSO for File Servers

For many organizations, file servers are an important part of the IT infrastructure. Even so, on-prem file servers don’t get as much attention as their cloud-based counterparts (e.g. Dropbox, [...]


SAML vs OAuth

What’s the difference between SAML and OAuth? It’s a fairly common question for system administrators, security professionals, and application developers looking to improve their identity [...]

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Hosted WiFi Authentication

As the world moves to the cloud, a new generation of network management technology is also making the leap. For example, Meraki’s cloud-based management of WiFi infrastructure has been a huge hit [...]