Workday Directory Integration

Businesses succeed when their employees are productive. Getting them productive quickly is a function of how fast IT teams and HR teams can onboard new hires by providing them secure access to their resources. JumpCloud’s integration with industry-leading Human Capital Management (HCM) system Workday, provides seamless and automated account importation to address the friction commonly associated with employee onboarding.

workday diagram

Administrators leveraging JumpCloud’s Workday Directory Integration are always in control of the receipt, review, modification, and selective addition of new user accounts into JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory. This ensures the new employee accounts, as generated by Human Resources in Workday, have been assigned accurate and appropriate emails (e.g. complying with corporate account naming standards), unique usernames, and other critical metadata required when establishing a new account. JumpCloud’s importation utilities will allow for visual review, editing, and notifications of various violations prior to and during import into JumpCloud.

New employees imported via the Workday Directory Integration bridge can be assigned to their various Groups within JumpCloud. This will ensure they are provided immediate access with a single username and password to various resources including their new G Suite™ and Office 365™ accounts, single sign-on (SSO) access to a wide range of SAML-based web applications, account provisioning and access to on-prem resources and applications connected to JumpCloud’s cloud LDAP service and network access through JumpCloud’s cloud RADIUS servers.


  • Automate Workday account importation with IT control
  • Review and edit/issue user account notifications on import
  • Utilize an imported user ‘queue’ for controlled account activation
  • Map attributes from key Workday worker to JumpCloud user object


  • Establish an end-to-end business process flow from the moment an employee is hired to the provisioning of their resources
  • Eliminate manual and redundant processes between HR and IT teams
  • Protect and secure access to Workday employee accounts with Single Sign-on services
  • Drive faster “time-to-work” by providing instant employee access to systems, apps, networks, and file resources after import