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JumpCloud is your Directory-as-a-Service

A fully managed directory to rule your infrastructure whether on-premise or in the cloud. JumpCloud is your central source to authenticate, authorize, and manage employees, their devices and IT applications.

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What is DaaS


Ensure your users are who they say they are. JumpCloud authenticates your users to the devices and IT applications they need. JumpCloud supports a wide range of authentication protocols.


Grant your users access to the resources they need, when they need it. JumpCloud ensures that the right users have the right level of access including controlling group membership and admin/root level access.


One directory to manage it all. Managing devices is a critical capability of a directory. IT admins can execute virtually any task or set of tasks on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices and your directory should not discriminate.

What does DaaS do?

Directory Services

At the core of JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service is the directory itself. Directory services are the framework that securely stores and provides access to your organization's important assets: your users, the systems they access, the applications they use and the networks they access. Highly scalable, always-on, and requiring no installation or on-going management, DaaS provides you with an easy-to-use interface and standards-based protocols to integrate with your infrastructure:

  • Agent-Based System Management - JumpCloud deploys a secure and lightweight agent to simplify administrative control and user provisioning across Windows, Mac OSX and Linux systems.
  • LDAP - Use standard LDAP configurations on machines or with applications to authenticate and authorize users.
  • RESTful API - Leverage APIs to build directory services right into your applications.

User Management

Directory-as-a-Service is your central, authoritative source for managing users in your organization.

  • User Configuration - Manage all user metadata in one easy to understand interface. Employee names, usernames, emails, user and group ID management and administrative roles are all point-and-click accessible.
  • User Credentials - Manage user passwords and enforce rules on their implementation to improve security.
  • Simple Public Key Management - Bind and manage as many public SSH keys per user as you wish using JumpCloud's simple web-based interface. You can manage them, or let your employees manage their own!
  • User Self-Management - Employee data, web-based password reset, expired password reminders and Multi-factor Authentication can all be managed directly by your users through JumpCloud's employee management portal, removing those chores from system administrators.

Device Management

JumpCloud provides an all-in-one management tool that covers Mac, Linux, and Windows allowing you to regain security and management control regardless of operating system or location. The rapid adoption of Mac and Linux in the enterprise, yet without control, has weakened enterprise security.

  • Remote control - A secure, lightweight agent provides remote manageability to your company's devices, no matter where they are.
  • Command execution - Create scripts to execute commands using shell or the language of your choice such as Python or Ruby.
  • Device configuration management - Enable or disable key settings such as root login, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), SSH key authentication and more.

Group Management

Directory-as-a-Service groups allows you to authorize your users to access the systems, devices, and applications they need. A simple to use interface helps to associate users with the resources they need to access within these groups.

  • Simple point-and-click interface to manage large volumes of assignments between users and systems.
  • Unlike AD and LDAP, DaaS allows limited-time access controls so you can grant access temporarily, and know that access will be revoked automatically when it should be.

Application Access

Provide your users single sign-on access to the applications they need most. DaaS provides end-user authentication and authorization to access your company’s critical applications. LDAP, RESTful APIs and single-sign on support for internal applications and leading SaaS vendors enable admins to provision and manage user access to both on-premise or hosted applications.

  • Simple configuration - DaaS administrators can have their employees authenticated, and up and running in minutes with easy to understand configuration UIs.
  • One-click access for employees - The DaaS user portal provides one-click, pre-authenticated access to the SaaS applications they need access to.
  • Out-of-box support for critical SaaS applications and platforms such as AWS, Google Apps, and Salesforce.

Microsoft® Active Directory® Bridge

For companies using Microsoft Active Directory as their central authoritative directory, DaaS extends those users and credentials to non-AD supported applications and platforms. Simple to setup, the JumpCloud AD Bridge synchronize the users you need from AD in seconds (and on-going), and then allows you to take advantage of JumpCloud's unique features and capabilities.

  • Reach the cloud - Import users from AD into DaaS and extend them to any Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider in seconds.
  • Cross-platform device management - DaaS abstracts the OS of the devices it manages, so one admin can be efficient across Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

the SaaS in DaaS

Always Simple

Always Simple

Our mission is to take the complexity that's plagued directories away. Forever. Installation nightmares, management chores, unusable interfaces - everything that SaaS isn't. Everything a modern directory shouldn't be. No installation, simple to use interfaces and the ability to do more against more infrastructure. That is DaaS.

Always On

Always On

As a managed service, DaaS is always on. Leave the uptime and availability chores to JumpCloud and our infrastructure engineers who have designed integrity, performance, uptime and failover into the system from Day One. Our business is to ensure your employees have the access to the resources they need, when they need it. Always.

Always Scalable

Always Scalable

DaaS is elastic. It isn't waiting for you to take action when your directory requires more space, it automatically provisions what it needs on our robust cloud-based platform.

Always Secure

Always Secure

Security is difficult and expensive, but JumpCloud's team has decades of network security experience. We secure your data, so you can breathe easy knowing that your user information is safe and protected.

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