Managing Client Environments

Troubleshooting the JumpCloud Agent

Learn how to apply the basic 4 step troubleshooting model to basic JumpCloud agent-related issues and apply timely resolutions.

Protect Your Identity with MFA

Learn how to utilize the various forms of Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) open to you to secure your digital identity.

Intro to MDM

Learn how to remotely manage MacOS devices from a single point of access, configure and track device enrollment, and leverage the UI security commands for both Windows and MacOS devices.

Enabling MFA

Learn how to enable MFA in JumpCloud using TOTP, Duo, and/or WebAuthn to protect users, devices, and networks.

Administrator Settings

Learn how to navigate the admin portal, customize password settings, and manage admin users, including best practices.

Enforcing Policies

Learn how to create, apply, and validate policies for groups of systems in JumpCloud.

Running Commands

Learn how to manage commands in JumpCloud, including viewing results, and delegating command tasks.