JumpCloud Protect Authenticator App®

Your users can download the JumpCloud Protect® mobile app to secure their accounts using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Once your users have downloaded the app and successfully enrolled their devices, they can authenticate using Push MFA or Verification (TOTP) Code.


JumpCloud protects against fraudulent push attempts by blocking more than one notification per resource within a sixty second timeout period. You can try again after the timeout or after you have approved or denied the initial request. 

JumpCloud Protect can be used to log into the Admin Portal, User Portal, or devices (Windows, Mac, Linux). Before your users can use the JumpCloud Protect mobile app, you, as an administrator, must enable it. 


JumpCloud Protect is designed to operate on Android 8 and iOS 13 and higher. It may operate on older versions, but they are not supported by JumpCloud. 

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