Directory Insights

Directory Insights (DI) is JumpCloud's event logging and compliance feature. Directory Insights shines a light on audit trails leading up to critical events so you know the what, where, when, how, and who of your directory activities.

You can use our RESTful API, PowerShell Module, and Administrator Portal to access event logs, see activity happening in your directory, and monitor user authentications to the User Portal, SAML SSO applications, RADIUS, and LDAP. 

Directory Insights supports events from the following JumpCloud services and logs the following information:

  • Directory Events – activity in JumpCloud Portals, including admin changes in the directory and admin / user authentications to the Admin and User Portals. 
  • Software (SAML) Events – user authentications to SAML applications.
  • RADIUS Events – user authentications to RADIUS used for WiFi and VPNs.
  • Systems (MacOS, Windows, and Linux) Events – user authentications to devices, including agent-related events on lockout, OS upgrades and rollback events, password changes, and File Disk Encryption. Only SSH login events are logged for Linux devices. 
  • LDAP Events – user authentications to LDAP, including LDAP bind and search event types.
  • MDM Events – MDM command results.
  • SSO – when an authorized SSO connector is created, updated, or deleted, as well as when a user authenticates to an SSO application.
  • Password Manager – invites, activations, and deactivation of users, as well as all events related to folders and their members, including their assigned permissions.

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