Device Management

You can connect Mac, Windows, and Linux devices to JumpCloud by installing the JumpCloud agent, or through MDM. Check Agent Compatibility, System Requirements and Impacts before you install the agent.

The JumpCloud agent is small, secure, and keeps itself up-to-date. The agent checks in with JumpCloud securely through port 443, provides status, sets policies, reports login event data, etc.

After the agent is installed and connected to a device, you can remotely and securely manage the device, its user accounts and policies, execute commands, enable MFA, and manage SSHD configuration (Linux).


Use JumpCloud policies to remotely manage devices in your organization, customizing managed devices and keeping them secure and in compliance. You can save time by creating JumpCloud policies to remotely apply a set of rules to one managed device, a group of devices, or your entire fleet.

As an IT Admin, you can also add multiple policies to a new policy group and assign the policy group to a device group. A policy group can save you time by letting you implement security or compliance-related issues on a large number of managed devices. A policy group is especially useful in implementing security or compliance-related issues on managed devices. A good practice is to create OS-specific policies.


You can run JumpCloud commands to execute scripts on fleets of machines through JumpCloud's agent. You can deploy files, schedule maintenance activity, or install software on endpoints in PowerShell, Bash, Shell, and more. Commands can run across one or more devices in parallel and retrieve command results, including stdout, stderr, and exit codes.

Commands let you quickly and easily automate tasks across multiple servers, launch those tasks based on a number of different types of events, and get full auditing of all command results. Several standard commands are already available to you. You can also create new commands manually or from a command template. Using an existing command template to create a command helps you quickly and efficiently update your devices.

Additional Features

Consider these additions to your Device Management suite:

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