• See a consolidated view of all of the subordinate, JumpCloud-controlled, organizations. Provides key information and access in one single view.
  • Simplifies the login workflow enabling admins to easily login to multiple organizations simultaneously.
  • Alleviates the security risks and hassles of managing multiple admin logins to disparate JumpCloud accounts.
Simplified Management for Sub-Organizations

Efficiency and streamlined management are make-or-break factors to their business when controlling a portfolio of clients. This is true whether you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), an admin at a company with a larger portfolio, or undergoing a merger/acquisition. Any friction in the management of sub-organizations means time wasted.

For MSPs, time wasted means an inability to service a wider array of clients and that means MSPs are not able to fully realize their revenue-generating potential. Every hour counts when an MSP is responsible for the resource management and security of their clients, and that means every click, every keystroke, and every management resource at their fingertips matters.

Centralized Control with JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal

JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal centralizes the control and management of many disparate JumpCloud organizations from a simple-to-use dashboard. The Multi-Tenant Portal is specifically designed to allow remote IT administrators to do their work over the web more efficiently. Admins can see top-level data about their managed sub-orgs at-a-glance, and can securely launch into full management sessions of any of their desired orgs.

The Multi-Tenant Portal improves overall manageability so that our partners and admins can optimally deliver their identity and access management client services though JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®. Administrators leverage the MSP Portal’s built in Single Sign On (SSO) functions to select and securely access any and all subordinate orgs they need. The Portal also provides critical top-level data and features commonly accessed within a JumpCloud administrative console itself, without the need to access an subordinate org’s admin console.

Ready to Try the Multi-Tenant Portal?

Access to the MSP Portal is available upon request only. To submit your request, apply to be a partner today or contact Customer Success. You can learn more about JumpCloud’s Partner Program here.