What does it do?

Replace Microsoft Active Directory®

Break loose from Active Directory with a secure, independent cloud-based directory for centralized identity management.

I Don’t Have a Directory

No directory? No problem! Spend less time managing users while experiencing increased security with Directory-as-a-Service®.

Replace LDAP

Avoid the maintenance of upkeeping a clunky legacy directory and instead opt for a cloud based, simple to manage solution.

Hard to Manage Cloud Server Users

JumpCloud automates your manual cloud server user management issues, allowing you to focus on what’s important to your business.

IT can now manage Macs, Linux, and Windows devices easily and securely with Directory-as-a-Service.

Have Trouble Controlling Systems?

Connecting Users to SaaS Apps

JumpCloud supports the authentication of user credentials to to SaaS-based applications via the standard SAML protocol.

Improve Network Security through Individual Employee Logins

JumpCloud helps organizations manage their WiFi and VPN networks while simultaneously increasing security.

Leverage Google Identities Across All IT Resources

JumpCloud’s integration with G Suite is highly secure, maintaining consistent, two-way synchronization that allows you to import users from Google to JumpCloud and provision and manage users back from JumpCloud into G Suite.

Password Complexity

JumpCloud’s Password and Complexity Builder allows you to properly safeguard each user’s password and all of the resources it grants access to.

Auditing and Compliance

Having the ability to review the activities of users who have accessed and performed operations against resources within your internal network has become an absolute requirement for organizations of any size, large or small.

Migrating to Office 365

Make the most of this transition by employing an independent, cloud-hosted directory service that can control access to virtually all of your IT infrastructure – including Office 365.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA requires an additional token of authentication beyond a password and it’s the single most effective measure you can take to make sure that your identities are secure.

Extending Active Directory®

Extend your identities to resources that are not directly supported by Active Directory, including apps, networks, and Mac and Linux systems.

Multi-Tenant Management for MSPs

Manage multiple sub-organizations from a single “pane of glass” with JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal.