MDM Configuration

In this simulation, you'll experience what it's like to set up the Apple MDM certificate for your JumpCloud organization. Once the MDM push certificate is uploaded (as seen in this workflow), you can enroll systems to manage them remotely with security commands. Read more in this article

How it Works

  1. Prerequisites: Make sure you have access to your company's Apple ID and password.
  2. Navigate to the MDM page and click “download”.
  3. Click the link to sign in to Apple and login with your company's Apple ID.
  4. Click “Create a Certificate”.
  5. Upload the JumpCloud CSR that you downloaded from step 1.
  6. On the next screen click “Download”. This certificate is used to establish trust between Apple and JumpCloud.
  7. Navigate back to JumpCloud and upload the certificate you just downloaded.
  8. Click “complete setup”.