JumpCloud Protect: User Login

In this simulation, you'll experience what it's like to log in to the JumpCloud User Portal using JumpCloud Protect Mobile Push MFA. Enter your JumpCloud credentials to access the User Portal along with a push notification sent to your mobile device.

How it Works

Prerequisites: You have previously enrolled your device in JumpCloud Protect.

  1. Go to User Login and enter your email address and password. Click "User Login".
  2. Click “Send Login Request To Mobile Device”. If you have multiple Multi-Factor Authentication methods, you may need to select JumpCloud Protect.
  3. Once the notification appears, tap it and unlock your device.
  4. Verify that the login request was from you and then tap “Yes, Approve”.
  5. Congratulations! You just logged into the User Portal with JumpCloud Protect Push MFA.