Conditional Access: Device Trust

In this simulation, you'll experience what it's like to enable the device trust certificate, along with a conditional access policy that denies users authenticating to the User Portal from non-JumpCloud managed devices. Conditional Access Policies are customizable to fit your preferred device trust requirements.

How it Works

  1. Navigate to Conditional Policies and click the settings gear in the top right.
  2. Click the toggle to enable certificate distribution. Note: The device certificate will be distributed to all devices in your organization. Distribution can’t be disabled after it has been enabled.
  3. Click “save changes”.
  4. Click the green plus button to create a new policy.
  5. Enter a policy name and description, if desired.
  6. In the Assignments section, click "All Users".
  7. In the Conditions section, click the “add condition” button.
  8. Click “Device".
  9. Click the “Status” dropdown.
  10. Click “Unmanaged device”.
  11. In the Actions section, click “Deny access”.
  12. Click “create policy” to save.
  13. Congrats! All users who aren’t on a JumpCloud managed device will be denied access to the User Portal.