Account Takeover

In this simulation, you'll experience what it's like to bind a JumpCloud user to a JumpCloud-bound system. This process will either provision a new local user account to the system or take over an existing local user account. Read more in this article

How it Works

  1. Prerequisites: The JumpCloud agent must be installed and the system active. The username in JumpCloud must match the username of the existing local account.
  2. Navigate to the users page and selected the desired user.
  3. Select “Systems”.
  4. Select the system you would like to bind to this user. Click “save user”.
  5. The user is now bound to the system. Click “View User Login” to see how your user will login.
  6. On the macOS login screen, click the user we bound to this system. Enter the previous password and the new Jumpcloud administered password. Click the right arrow to log in to this system.
  7. The user is now logged in. The JumpCloud agent can be seen in the toolbar.