Directory Services for the Modern Workplace

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® is a cloud-based platform that enables IT teams to securely manage user identities and connect them to resources they need regardless of provider, protocol, vendor, or location.


Flexible Administration


Manage your cloud-based directory with greater efficiency at scale with JumpCloud’s advanced automation tools, APIs, and extensive built-in features.

Cloud Delivery Model

Cloud-based efficiencies with a breadth of standards-based protocols that ensure all your IT resources are connected.



Lower cost with no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update.

Highly scalable

Scale your infrastructure on your terms with zero limitations, and without any additional hardware or software.

Highly available

Ensure the high availability and security with infrastructure that is globally distributed and continuously monitored for performance and threats.


Protect your assets with JumpCloud’s Zero Trust approach to binding resources such as laptops securely to a central, cloud-based directory service.


Centralized Admin Consoles

Simplify user and resource management for single and multi-tenant environments, with JumpCloud’s admin web consoles.


Admin Console

Centralized browser-based console for managing a single JumpCloud tenant.

Multi-tenant Admin Portal

Efficiently manage multiple JumpCloud tenants from a single pane of glass, including managed service providers and those governing wholly owned subsidiaries. Learn More

System Management

Comprehensive management of Mac, Windows and Linux laptops, workstations, and servers enabling administrators to configure, secure, and control systems regardless of OS or location.


Agent-based Control

Lightweight code installed on Mac, Windows and Linux systems to enable you to remotely and securely manage systems and their user accounts.

User Management

Centralized security and management of user identities at scale, regardless of location.

Policy and Configuration Management

Secure your fleets of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with preset policies including full disk encryption, screensavers, USB port blocking, and more. Learn More

Command and Ad-hoc Script Execution

Create and execute ad-hoc scripts in the language of your choice against your fleet of Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints. Learn More

System Status and Visibility

Discover which systems are not in compliance and take immediate action against them.

System-based Password Changes

Enable employees to securely change their JumpCloud credentials from the comfort of their own laptop or desktop, for a frictionless experience.



Integrate your directory to make it a key asset to your automated infrastructure needs, at scale.


Create Custom Integrations

Allow 3rd party products and services to tap into JumpCloud’s RESTful API services to take advantage of authentication and other directory services needs, whether on-prem or remotely.

Establish More Efficient Workflows

Operate at greater scale with better efficiency by performing operations in bulk across vast amounts of users, systems, and groups being managed within JumpCloud’s core directory.

JumpCloud SDKs

Try-out the JumpCloud API by exploring our Golang, Python, and Ruby SDKs in our freely accessible public GitHub repositories.

Onboarding and Automation Tools

Significantly reduce time needed to onboard and migrate users, along with large-scale user creation events.


JumpCloud PowerShell Module

Programmatically control your directory by automating tasks, including importing and exporting users, modifying data at scale, resetting passwords, triggering commands, and more. Learn More


Event Logging

Access event data associated with authentication success or failure, changes made via the admin console, and user generated events. Efficiently extract and load the data into logging analytics systems such as Splunk for analysis.


I love JumpCloud because it makes user management, security, and deployment a breeze for us and our clients, whether its one user or two hundred.”

Jan Kalkus, Lead Technician at Altitude Integrations

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Ready to Jump in?

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