Directory Services for the Modern Workplace

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® is a cloud-based platform that enables IT teams to securely manage user identities and connect them to resources they need regardless of provider, protocol, vendor, or location.


Access Control


Leverage industry-leading protocols such as SAML 2.0, LDAP, and RADIUS along with JumpCloud’s advanced agent-based approach to controlling systems to ensure secure binding and user access to all cloud-based and on-premise resources.

System Access

Secure, control, and provide access to every workstation, laptop, desktop, and server – regardless of location or OS.


Agent-based Control

Lightweight code installed on Mac, Windows and Linux systems to enable you to remotely and securely manage systems and their user accounts.

Local Account Management

Remotely deploy, remove, and manage permissions on local system user accounts in any location.

Secure Authentication Options

Secure user access to systems with SSH key in combination with MFA enforcement.

Mixed-OS Systems

Manage all Mac, Windows, and Linux access from a single pane of glass, ensuring administrators can manage effectively and efficiently across disparate OSes.


Application Access

Enable users to access any type of application, whether on-prem or cloud-based with their single set of credentials.


SAML 2.0 Authentication

Create a consistent and simple way to connect users to their web applications with SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On. Learn More

LDAP Authentication

Securely bind and authenticate your on-prem applications to your core directory through JumpCloud’s cloud-based LDAP services. Learn More

Group-based Access Control

Enable access for groups of users with similar needs to applications by associating LDAP and SAML-based applications to them.

File Share Access

Users can authenticate to Samba file servers and NAS appliances, like QNAP and Synology, with their JumpCloud identity.


Network Access

Users securely authenticate to networking resources with their core JumpCloud identity.


RADIUS Authentication

Establish secure authentication via EAP-TTLS, PAP, or PEAP, and WPA2 Enterprise to our cloud-based RADIUS service endpoint from systems, switches, WAPs, and VPN clients. Learn More

Group-based Access Control

Leverage JumpCloud’s user group-based access along with specific RADIUS VLAN and Reply Attributes to ensure specific membership, and steering to ensure secure access.


Directory Integrations

Make JumpCloud the central and unifying directory service to assist with the integration and control of other, external, sources of identity.


Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365

Import, export, and control Microsoft Azure AD / Office 365 user accounts to tie them as a resource to JumpCloud’s centrally-managed identities. Learn More

Google G Suite

Import, export, and control Google Cloud Identity and G Suite user accounts to tie them as a resource to JumpCloud’s centrally-managed identities. Learn More

Microsoft AD Bridge

Federate on-prem AD credentials for resources like cloud-based Linux servers, RADIUS authenticated networks, SAML-based web apps, and more, in the event that AD must be the authority for identity. Learn More

Workday Integration

Seamless and automated account importation to JumpCloud that ensures employee onboarding is as frictionless as possible. Learn More


When administering IT, JumpCloud gives me a central location where I can manage users and turn off employee access all from one place. LOVE IT.”

Randy AufDerHeide, Executive/Founder at blooom, Inc.

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